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I'm still looking for an additional player to fill a spot in a fresh SR4 game. It's on Fridays at 3pm EST. Skype is in the email spot.

It'll be set in Seattle 2072 using karmagen (750)

Books we're using at the moment are Core, Augmentation, Arsenal, Unwired, Street Magic, Runners Companion, Safehouses, and Used Car Lot. If you wanna use another book, run it by me first.

As for how we're playing, we're using maptools for the game and skype for OOC. If you're confused as to what maptools is, this picture is an example. I make the maps from scratch so I ask that if you intend to join, please at least tell me you can't make it to a session.

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It's actually playing over maptools. I take the time every week to make the maps by hand and everything. It's not exactly a visual masterpiece but it helps a lot. Here's an example of the program being used for what appears to be pathfinder?

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20+ years of slinging dice, and by far my favorite table ever.

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Do you use them /tg/, and what kinds?

photos for atmosphere? maps of locations? photos for characters and enemies? do you like realism, or havin' 'em more cartoony?

I've been GM'ing so far just through voice o'er skype with my bros, but since our next campaign shall be exploring spaaaaace with it various environments I wanted to give my players some more context and am looking for advice.

On that note bonus question: do you guys like using music for atmosphere, and what kind?

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>Systems you know
Pathfinder,3.5, GURPS, DH, RT, BC
>Systems you'd want to play
>Time Zone and Times free to play
EST(-5 GMT) Free any day of the week or weekend minus saturday
>Setting information
Two Famous Wizards have decided to have a friendly duel of their magical talents in the realms oldest and grandest of arenas. Warriors and Adventurers fill its seats as the stage is set. During the duel however a magical standoff occurs and the resulting chaotic energies create a rip in the very fabric of reality and the Arena, nearby city and general country side are sent into a realm of nonexistence. It is now up to the adventurers and warriors of the realm to travel through the planes and realities to discover the means of finding their way home.
>Tools you know how to use/are going to use
Skype, Maptools
>Your favorite boardgame
Civilization(The Original Boardgame)
Skype: Detectiverobust
Email:in the field
>Additional information of the game
Its expected that all players will at some point DM as this setting is made specifically for round robin DMing. I'm hoping that a few forever DM's will be interested in finally having a game they get to play in or that new DM's may come to learn to be a DM. So far we have three forever DM's and we're hoping for two-three more.

Pic is an example of what maptools is.

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Out of curiosity /tg/ would you guys watch a stream of someone DMing a pathfinder game using the program maptools? I'm gearing up to kick off a new pathfinder group and wanna gauge the public response to the idea of bringing you guys along to watch it all unfold and maybe even have input as to possible events the party encounter on their journey. Pic related, its maptools.

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