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What's a good way to design an eldritch creature that's terrifying, but still original? I don't want your typical tentacle-monster bullshit, but this problem has been puzzling me lately.

Any ideas?

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4e was actually very well done, it's just a fucking shame wizards of the coast went full on moot banning everyone who talked about it prior than expected anyone to buy their shit or even not shoot them if they saw them walking down the street.

Other than 4th, while I like the way thac0, negative AC, and hierarchy of saving throws works in 2e, to me 2e is best left for old timey horror games the way you don't get shit despite leveling.

I think if you can't stand all the map grids and numbers of 4e, your best bet is Pathfinder. It's a step up from 3.5 without being another cash cow for wizards of the coast like 5e and it's just better designed despite being complete dencentralized fanfic material.

But that's why it's better. Fans make the content.

But if I want a horror game and don't want to learn new rules, I'd just go with second edition.

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