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This is a picure of Celestian Miriya, from her audio adventure Red and Black.

Indeed. Loved the Cain books overall, but their depiction of the SoB wasn't great.

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It would be a less shit Chinese cartoon

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Time of the Month Mother Fucker! Go ahead! Pray you dont miss!

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In a Warhammer 40k Dark Heresy, I am making a Inquisitor for the party to be requisitioned by. Oliver "All Day" Watson. He is a Psyker with a retinue of two Storm Troopers (Gunner and Gear), Commissar Syinic, and The Explorator, Zith of Mars.

All of this was made from inspiration and past games. The inquisitor from XCOM as one of the most bad-assed soldier. Gunner and Gear are two unlucky guardsmen stationed on a moon from my very first Dark heresy games, and Zith is one of my friends past character.

It got me thinking of what /tg/ has done before. What have you all blended into a game, what inspires you.

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I think he'd see it as necessary. And, really, him coming back and trying to completely change the Imperium's culture and beliefs would hardly do wonders for its stability or morale.

Dunno if he'd keep his biggest fangirls around. He might begrudgingly accept them in light of their usefulness as soldiers.

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Red and Black, a prequel audiobook, is also pretty great.

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My bad, here you go

aside from the lack of helmet (which every 40K supersoldier seems to suffer from) its still armor with good coverage

Also there are in fact designs for SoB helmets

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good for you bro! whats the game about?

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Mark my words /tg/ - one day there will be finally a game about Sisters.

And it will be glorious.

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An adventure/action game where you use orders of the Adepta Sororitas from Warhammer 40,000 for different missions. Certain missions will require a specific Order to complete, and success or failure leads to different forks in the story.

Combat Sweeps and Recovery Missions: use Orders Militant. Cleanse, purge, kill (sometimes rescue).

Reconnaissance, Rescue and Forensics: Sisters Hospitaler equipped with medkit or auspex, accompanied by purpose-built servitors.

Diplomacy and Research: Dialogous for research and Famula for diplomacy. learn more about your enemies and/or important mission information, requisition arms and assistance.

It ought to play a lot like the original Syndicate, but with more interactivity between you and the environment.

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not all sisters day
most of them kill instead

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Hey /tg/, I'm looking for a Dark Heresy character sheet (preferably a fillable .pdf) with more space for Advancements Taken than the default one. I'm about to run out of space and I'm only rank 3.

I really liked the one here: http://www.darkreign40k.com/drjoomla/index.php/component/docman/cat_view/38-character-sheets , but it's not fillable. I'm working on fixing that, but if I could find one that's *even better* that'd be sweet.

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Image dump time? Image dump time.

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