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Never mind, there is a brand called Apoxie. Carry on.

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>literally you right now

B&C is far better than this place for 40k chatter.

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>Lexx lower than High-Mid
>no Starship Troopers at all
When anon woke up this morning, pic related

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Ok thanks

10/14/13+1/15+1/12/8 ?

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I'm a dummy.

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>Anon doesn't understand the stack

You cast fiend hunter, it enters the battlefield so the ETB trigger goes on the stack. In response to the ETB trigger on the stack you cast boomerang on your fiend hunter. Boomerang is the last to go on the stack so it resolves first, the LTB trigger goes on the stack. The LTB trigger is the last to go on the stack, so it resolves first, but there's nothing to return from exile. Lastly, the ETB trigger resolves, exiling the target forever.

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>Awakened should be stronger than out of the box un-awakened because MAGIC.

>Character advancement should be slow as fuck. If you like advancement, play a different game.


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Yeah, I guess I should stop. Sorry.

Honestly not trying to pick a fight, but this isn't the time or the place for it. Sorry all, I'll shut up. Peace, love, and understanding and all that.

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Ah, good call. I think I probably meant "at"

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Oh lord, I'm the triggered one!

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So the juggernaut turns the Lord into a cavalry unit
The base came with the standard finecast Juggerlord set

>you could fit all three on foot if you have the oval horizontally instead

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About what? You are literally blathering about nothing.
You thought I thought crack ice was bad. I said no, it's awesome. And now here we are.
If you can't see how that is FUCKING RETARDED... Then you might just be retarded.

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I must have went blind temporarily to have missed that. Anyone got a list though.

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Oh well, you can at least get some use out of woodworking or blacksmithing tool proficiencies, by logical reasoning, and trapmaking even has rule support. But herbalism is lit-e-rally useless.
To make a potion you'll have to spend weeks of time brewing that shit AND spend as much gold you would walking to the fucking store and buying it...
>mfw picking the hermit background

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Human Oracle/Samurai-Sword Saint
>nigga what are you even doing
>started the game with 7 Dexterity, shit STR and no Power Attack
>DM was being a bitch and didn't allow the integral part of the Sword Saint's kit to be used twohanded, so even less damage.
>Always went last in initiative, had no damage and essentially boiled down to a deployable barrier that drained the party's resources.
>Damage was so low he couldn't even coup de grace onehit (=a guaranteed critical hit) the sleeping enemies unless they failed their Fort saves.
>He was supposed to be our diplomacy guy
>First order of business was beating up a little girl in town which he thought was a thief because she ran into him.
>She was the blacksmith's daughter.
>Entire town hates him but party talks them out of a lynching with some good rolls.
>When leveling to 2 he picks up the Oracle class.
>Doesn't even have a spell component pouch
>Even more useless than before until we get to the town.
>Back in town he goes to the blacksmith
>Forgets that it was the blacksmith's child he beat up.
>Blacksmith confronts him
>He kills the blacksmith without taking a hit
>When people investigate the ruckus he said he was "just protecting himself" while covered in blood without a scratch.
>Town lynches him.
>Party watches.
>He leaves the group irl.

It wasn't even him being bad or not understanding the system. We played various other campaigns and modules before this and he always had min/maxed build. He just suddenly decided to make a character that absolutely sucked at everything.

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>thinking the liberals would do things differently

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>and Barbarian
wait, they don't get fighting styles

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>wanting to play a weeb game and being upset that weebs and asians flock to it

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I love how libertarian-ism isn't at the end of the axis for libertarian values.

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There's nothing WRONG with it. You can filter it easily. Banning quests wouldn't magically cause more traffic.

It's just a lot of them are really fucking stupid. For every EVOquest there's a waifuquest. Best quest I've ever participated in wasn't even archived - a four shot thread about a steampunk 'human sorcerer' warring with his neighbours. Turns out the fucker was an ork weirdboy the entire time, as we discovered when he tried to speak in the language of the 'small foreigners' - humans. Reasoned discussion and learning in orkish turned into "WOTTA YA WANT YA HUMIE GITS". The reveal was a bit like pic related.

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Calm down fair alabaster knight.

Dumbass was trying to say that 600lbs isn't that heavy and that our level 3 3.5 characters would be able to carry at least 400lbs each. We called her an idiot and she deflected it onto her obesity.

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