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have a giggle m8's and chill out

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>first roll of SQ

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Thanks man!

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>tfw you realize robots are made of minerals and can get super powers.

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Good run Merc Com, can't wait to see what you do next.
>first spoiler
Lucas and Falynn get to the restaurant and find that sitting at one of the tables is both Jack Ryan and Jager Sturmfuhrer.

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Hell yeah motherfucker.
>would tie her up in chains
May excite Ice, she'll want us to chain her up.
Like every other politician ever? Doesn't matter what you think, its the idea of going off on someone with such confidence that no matter if you are right or wrong, for what ever reason, you are right.

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>rust kaiser based relics


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"Well I guess this is snow country for old gods. It's ice to be rid of them now that they are not shadowing me anymore."

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Jesus Christ I can't wait to put Magma Jet and Purphoros into my RDW


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Hairu is an awesome artist. An awesome artist indeed. Also, dat Rangiku.

less "suffering," more "imminent demise." No QM wants to hear their quest was why some guy died. That'd be awful.

just be careful, man.

TFW I haven't actually done any work on the comic tonight.

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Guy from this game here.

I'm pretty sure that EVERYONE was being stupid. Like, not one person was being anywhere even close to smart.

But that was more the players than the characters.

I'm trying to remember other stupid stuff that people did in that game.

>Bunch'o dudes in a Warthog going from X to Y
>Jackal snipers
>RPGs in the Warthog, CO says 'don't touch the RPGs'
>of course, one of the ODSTs grabs a rocket launcher
>one of the Elites promptly heaves him out of the moving warthog
>after picking him up, the CO basically goes 'if he hadn't done it I would have'

>Team is shooting at bunch of guards around a fortified covvie position
>Everyone shoots and hits very well, basically everyone goes full operator and headshots and shit
>Elites immediately book it away from the firing zone
>One SPARTAN is like 'why are they moving' and follows
>Everyone else lines up next barrage of hyper-accurate operator bullets
>and then the treeline was plasma

>Elite honour duel on Sanghelios in a sacred temple
>PC Elite vs NPC assassin Elite
>PC is specced for sniping, whereas the NPC basically has all of their points in it
>NPC keeps fucking up the rolls, PC somehow wins without even getting touched
>Then the Drone decides to lolsorandomkillsteal in the honour duel
>Not even ALL the SPARTANs tackling the Elite at once could stop the rage train

Despite all that stupid shit, the campaign itself was fun, looking back.

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Yeah, seems almost a little too perfect.
>TFW they make a bunch of seemingly unrelated models each with a bit or 2 that when put together make great geth models

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Wait, nevermind, found a copy.

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>Bromont thread

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I really hope so too

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>Use him as General instead of the others
>play training grounds
>full hand of best slivers

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We must have a contest of fabulousness with him, volley ball, so we can see the sweat glistening off his skin, watermelon smashing, so his powerful arms could be coated in the sticky, delicious juices of the melon.

Also, swimming contests - to see who's sleek, beautiful frame is better favored by Poseidon's great watery beard, who will win? The sexuality confusing Chen? Then fearboner inducing MANIA? The pinnacle of honorable manliness, Shimabuku? Or the peaks of stylish manliness, Vividor?
Good thing Durandal isn't here to shield his virgin eyes.

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Anybody reading out there? I can't see lurkers, unfortunately.

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>Bromont thread

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>nat20 Perform: Dance

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went to fnm one time during alara-zendikar standard and played against a guy with a deck that didn't do anything except steal creatures, threatens/mind controls/big nic, etc. everyone else was playing jund or vampires. everyone.

I was playing a scrubby open the vaults deck because I didn't give a shit (and still don't), just wanted to play some magic

dumped a bunch of gnarly shit into my yard (glassdust hulks and sphinx of the steel wind) and got up to the six mana I needed to open the vaults, and when I cast it he tapped out for gather specimens

it was amazing, made my fucking month, that guy was a champion

pic related was my/his/our reaction

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Yes, they are. That is exactly the point.

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