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Nope. Picrelated was published in a non-GW magazine and is fanfiction. The two female miniatures wearing power armor are actually "Female Warriors" as well, and not marines.

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>Yeah, but the fact that lots of people do it but 40K doesn't gives it some brand identity. When the new paradigm arrives, if you stick to the old one you're now a rebel.
Pretty sure GW would be considered trailblazers for having SoB included since the beginning. Female Marines would just be another option for customizing "my guys".>>53402555
>Oh, I'm not saying many people would quit or even slow down purchasing, just that the news would become a talking point in social media that does nothing to help GW's bottom line. GW as a company has shown it gives fuckall about social norms in their fiction since they know that the complainers won't make buy more models if they're appeased.
Believing only SJWs are the ones who want this is your first mistake. Players have been wanting female marines since Rogue Trader and the fact that this is always a heated argument every time it comes up should show a pretty significant amount of people still want it to happen.

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It's understandable. The really promising recruits get snapped up by the Little Sisters of Purification. The Guard has to take what's left.

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>talking about fictional plastic soldiers
>calling others on lacking masculinity
>anyway [pic related]

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surprised nobody's posted this yet

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There was a time when this was acceptable enough to be published. And before you tell me it's fan content, GW policy explicitly puts fan-made canon on the same level as their own.

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Oh My Emperor, there were canon female space marines in the 1st Edition.

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She is right though. There did use to be fem marines. She's also within her right to want what she damn well pleases regardless of how much it annoys some spergs on the internet.

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Daily Reminder that female Space Marines used to be a thing.

Man, Rogue Trader was fucking dank.

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Do we finally know if [pic_related] is canon?
I've seen it on most threads about female marines and the opinions were mixed.

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I'm done. Folder cleared.

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Page 1

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>forgetting about the Little Sisters of Purification

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That's not what I meant Anon...

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Well there was this...

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>inb4 somebody takes it for official fluff

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Rogue Trader era canon FTW.

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Pic related

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>There are some parts of the 40k canon that don't get changed
You mean like this part of 40k canon?

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