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I'm with these guys and to be honest I'm actually really surprised and glad to see so many people who don't treat Guards as complete push overs.

I pretty much do the same thing though.. since it only makes sense given the world is full of Ogres, Orcs, Trolls, Dragons, Dinosaurs, Dire creatures and all sorts of other shit- a vicious world produces vicious people, you know?

A Normal Guard can usually handle himself against low to mid-level enemies.

Rural Guards are ironically a little more grizzled and the deeper you go into the boonies the more experienced they typically are due to having to dealing with shit. Farm work and Hunting is great exercise against fighting monsters.

Urban Guards usually are typically dickish: not enough action, corruption, bribery, boring 9-5 job with steady pay and alcohol.

It's faily common for Retired Soldiers and Heroes often find steady work being Elite Guards, Captains, or taking up a position in training recruits.

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>Every group always has the no-show

The things is, both of those other ones, the problem players, always show up late enough that we can't play anyways.

Both of them told me that they had more important things going on/they were gonna drop anyways. I don't think I'm going to run for them again.

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Either two hands on a spear, or a single-hand on a weapon with a moderately sized circle-shield strapped to the other arm.

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Really, it's only in high-bullshit-magic settings that warriors need to either use enchanted gear or get out of the way. Tone down the magic to any degree, and they become the meat of any adventuring fellowship.

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are all your town guards fighter/warriors, I was thinking about mixing some sorcerers into the patrols, what do you think?

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Realism and shit.

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The sleazy guy.

Is he on the take? Yes. Does he let things slide? Yes. Is he charming? Yes. Does he crack the best jokes in town? Yes. Does he like whores and ale? Yes. Is he going to double cross you? Absolutely.

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Manhirro of Arrn is a guard, and also a tracker and a bit of a spy. It's hard to tell, especially because he keeps showing up everywhere whenever anything important is happening, carrying his trusty spear and telling people to piss off. By all indication he should have a lifespan measured in minutes, and yet he's still alive.

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THAT would be quite awesome- but also, quite a bit of work.

I'd have to come up with at least one new faction, a way to tie character origin to the Old World (Being born a steppe nomad or a fallen from grace nobleman would have to have some kind of effect), something of a storyline (It'd be very disappointing to come back home with an elite army and legendary companions and just get a mere glance before they announce that you have to collect taxes from their villages), boat travel or something similar...

It'd be a lot of work. Relatively speaking, independent lords and more continent tacked on to Calradia would be a lot less. This is a hobby of mine, and I don't I'm even getting that humble goal done.

But it's an awesome idea. I'm nowhere near up for it though.

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spears are cool so let's see some spearman

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The doomed.

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What's to prevent Europe from jumping on the colonization bandwagon once they're aware of the muslims starting on it?

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>over 200 posts
>type in "katana"
>zero results

I love you /tg/.

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