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Kais, however, looks at the power genetorum. Its frame is the same as the Atomantic Arc Reactor. It seems the Mechanicus here used it to repair their own ailing reactor without realizing what it truly was.
"Soooooooo....... that's great and all. But the Hellstar wishes for me to fix your generator," says Kais, "Looks like I'll need to take out the old jury-rigging and ship in some new pieces."
"Hopefully that generator is not his meal," whispers Spacewind.
"No," says the Magos, raising a mechadendrite, "This must be our offering. You may not thake the reactor."
"Don't you want to offer it to him in space? On a silver platter, as it may be? We do have a cargo hold you could use for your purposes if you wish," offers Spacewind.
"He will embrace our planet, and sate his hunger. The Reactor will remain here," declares the Magos.
"That sounds SUSPICIOUSLY like someone just volunteered to test MY offering to him then! Would you like to see it?" Myrthrae threatens, removing the HF blade from its sheathe.
His own weapons charge at the sight. "I will defend the offering! The Hellstar comes!"

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>But wait, the chick with the strapon uses it on the other chick, right?

You poor misguided fool...

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The sister sighs, her body becoming rigid at your response.

"We'll be making a warp jump soon, so I suggest you offer prayers if you're so inclined." With that, you take your leave.

>Warp Jump in 1 hour
>Investigate assigned bridge crew
>Investigate storage room's crates

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10/10 would talk binary with

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rolled 31 = 31


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>Elsewhere, in the Corgus Sector...

"Helm! Thirty degrees to port; Ten degrees positive pitch; All ahead full once corrections are made!" Advi's metallic voice pierces the wail of alarms that reverberate within her bridge as 'Heavenly Forge' breaks away from her ore extraction, venting a small portion of her atmosphere as several bulkheads struggle to close.
"Belay that!" cries a sister superior. "That course will put us in the path of the second torpedo volley!"

"Sister Jillian! Remove yourself from my bridge and prepare to repell boarders, you are relieved!" growls the techpriestess, setting her bionic eyes upon the XO. "Helm! Follow your orders or by the Omnissiah I will reboot you as a sanitations servitor!"

"Captain Advi! You can't be-" The XO's protests are cut short as Advi draws a bolt pistol and levels it before her, causing the sister to step back.

"Mutineers will be executed. You are relieved!" bellows the techpriestess' synthetic voice.

"I-... I am relieved, Captain." murmers sister Jillian, before making her exit with her face flushed.

"Helm! Bring us about immediately or 'Veriathia' will be crippled before her wings launch. Gunners! Bring our battery to bear on the torpedo volley and fire at will. Defensive turrets are to cycle immediately and prepare to defend the ship." As her bridge crew springs into action, Advi offers a silent prayer to the Omnissiah.

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"I believe one night in the captain's quarters will suffice for my bet once more, Gerin."

"As you wish, Captain. Standard rules then. One-hour recharge on your crew's handles and we frown upon attacks while your target is holding a full drink. Good hunting, Captain."

Gerin's has undergone several major changes since your last visit, the largest being the addition of a second and third floor packed just as tightly as the first. Heavy music, the clamor of the patrons, and the intermitent yelps of the defeated partially invalidate your hearing as you take in the new maze that is Gerin's.

>defensible position, let the final officer come to you
>roam the crowd and hunt down the unwary while you're untouchable
>Next thread on Thursday @ 7:30-8:00 PM EST
>usual Q&A
>sorry for early end, but I'd rather call it than half ass it poorly.
>please vote for plan so I've got a nice chunk for the next thread.

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You're obviously asking for it here, ponyfag scum. Go die in the darkest hole possible, furfag

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Yet you use ponyfag slang

Sure you don't have anything to confess, horsefucker?

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This is going to end well...

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>enemy captain's face when

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That's intresting Inquisitor. You seem to recgonize it all too well. What are you hiding?

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>cherry picking rolls

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He's going to try to run FATAL. He needs a few days of mental preparation.

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"All hail the Omnissiah, the Father of Machines."

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There can only be more and more hue hue hue from now on..

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>take me now
Fuck that.
Let's get going.

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That feeling when you spit out 47 plasma blast templates in one round against a packed-together footlsogging Ork army.
And still have shitloads of mortars left to fire.

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Bitch you want to say that again?

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