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... complex mixed classes will probably have to be a discovered thing later! Though for getting them experimented with earlier, rolls will probably need to be had.

yes good, fellow giant robot enthusiast

Seriously, thanks for the art- it's seriously a strange and wonderful feeling to get fanart for something like this, and at such a high quality, holy shit. I look forward to your other drawings!

Also, that one picture I keep posting of Celicia is... basically pretty much how I've come to envision her, for some reason! This is partially because I seriously could not find any other pictures of gun-toting elves that didn't look like something out of a goth loli magazine or a lesson in how not to dress for a battle.

Also, I am rapidly losing coherency so I think it's time for me to sleep like for reals. Night all!

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the internet. On rare occasions I'll create my own.. but I'm normally too lazy to bother

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"That sucks, but now I can play a new character!"

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One question: How latrines work in dungeons?
You know, even the Big Bad needs sometimes to take a shit. Guess he doesn't want to go all 32 levels up to the surface, neither he doesn't want it to remain inside.
But pumping it up isn't so simple. In fact it may be too complicated for typical high-fantasy civilisation to handle - without magic, of course.

So, how does it work? Tiny undead cleaning it up and transporting to the surface?

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artistist are like women, he never expected to get any money from his work or actually get a job drawing what he wanted was for OP to say "yes, you can if you wanted too" anything els would be an insult. PS: if you DID complemented him he would get depressed and say his work is shit

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So, I have an Arcane Duleist Bard who I am building as a Final Fantasy style Dragoon. When I hit 7th level, I plan on taking leadership to get a dragon cohort. Specifically, what kind of Dragon should I be looking to recruit from the Pathfinder Bestiarys? I'm probably going to have it take levels in fighter, so one that could change shape into a humanoid to fit in with normal society and join us in dungeon crawls is best. I'm working with the GM on this, but it needs to be from a Paizo source book, not 3.5 or 3.0.

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the fuck am i reading, seriously. There IS cute , and even beautifull chubby girls and plain ugly slim girls.
Seriously , i'll just pretend you are trolling, and not just THAT fool.

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