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>being this delusional
This is your canon now. Accept it or GTFO.

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For me it is just warriors in heavy armor. That, along with the armored, boxy look of rhino-chassis, Land Raiders and Dreads seals the deal.
I always play whoever can use the heaviest armor in rpgs and that is what has drawn me into 40k.

Having started with SM years ago, I've now moved on to CSM because they even more customizable while keeping similar aesthetic.

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Just play with your Magnus, Changeling and Brimstones and be quiet you spoiled babby.

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I've only read about 6 of the books, last of which was a Thousand Sons which I loved. I haven't gotten around to Prospero Burns yet because I'm reading the Ahriman books currently.

What books involve the Thousand Sons or their members be it HH or not?

All I know about are Thousand Sons, Prospero Burns, and the ones in the Ahriman folder.

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Chaos is bad enough, but is there any possible way whatsoever to play a Thousand Sons/Mono-Tzeentch list at all?

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Being that ancient Egyptians were a bunch of grade A perverts, and this is still chaos we're talking about, I bet my Sorcerer Lord probably keeps a harem of them somewhere on his ship.

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I would think the ultimate would be corruption so utterly and entirely rampant that there is no other side of the coin. You've converted even The Emperor himself to Chaos and there is not a single being in the universe that stands for order.

I don't think a Chaos God would stare in awe. I'm not sure what they would do. On one hand they have no more struggles against Order and can only fight amongst other Chaos Gods. I don't think there is anything that would make them stare in awe since they are Chaos incarnate. Nothing would make Tzeentch even bat an eye because he's probably got a poker face greater than a thousand Will Rikers.

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>It becomes apparent you are in the command room of some sort, with a large holo screen at the far end of the room, showing data and picts of some battlefield
>Behind the player, a raspy voice breaks the monotony of sounds
>"Lord Darkblood, the Imperials have fallen for the ruse. Your forces are in position and await further command."
>The player's character rises from his seat, and faces an armored figure in blue and yellow heraldry, with a very apparent insignia of a red-winged skull upon his pauldron. The figure bows deep to the player
>The player's character speaks, and it is a deep and lustrous voice, commanding all in the room to cower ever lower at it's mere usage
>"Just so. Their orders are as always. Slaughter the Loyalists the moment they touch down to rescue their comrades."
>The camera now moves forward and pans around slowly, as the player's character laughs. It now faces the commanding figure in the room
>As soon as the figure becomes seen by the camera, the screen goes black, with the player character, Darkblood, laughing manically
>The laugh echoes, and as it does, words flash across the screen in bold, grey letters, with a rhythmic and deep beat welling up to match the laughter

That feel when we will never see this or SM2, ever.

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lol nice

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I heard a rumor that Thousand Sons were getting some kind of supplement in the winter. Has anyone else heard anything different/same?

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The only real weakness this army seems to have is punching through a mech-heavy army.
I would recommend fielding obliterators/predator/defiler, really anything that has a lascannon or otherwise high AP. (Terminators are great, but really high points on top of a Thousand Sons army sub 2000 pts)

I have heard advice on other threads to keep Ahriman out of the army until you hit 2000 pts, and replace him with a decked out sorcerer (around 155 pts) to free up some extra space. As it is, a full third of your army is tied up in two units - which granted are pretty powerful units - but a few shitty rolls and boom, you're out 1/3 of your force.

tl;dr - More AP, heavy dakka, less HQ until 2k

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yes, the rest are a mix of slaanesh and khorne or undivided(which is really just all three)
Tzeentch is, once again, the shittiest option. my 1ksons will never be a good option

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first try and i get the message "image appears corrupt" you have know idea

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>Galactus is a essential component of the universe.

Galactus would -fuck- the Chaos Gods. But we're not talking about Galactus. Being an enemy of Galactus doesn't automatically transfigure you into a god-killing badass. Cap is -thankfully- still limited by a defined set of powers, unlike Batman.

And we've already discussed Thanos.

>Chaos is in fact entirel dependent of the creatures of the physical universe screwing up to excert their influence.

>And planning to affect every living thing in the universe? You realize how weak that part is i hope?

>Stiltman probably have plans for every living thing in the universe to aknowledge his tallness, this does not mean that it will ever happen.

Son, you need some Tzeentch in your life.

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Gentlemen warham-fags, can you please explain any reason to play this game as a game? Should I maybe point my modeling and hobby interests elsewhere?
As far as I understand it is completely unbalanced, models are 50% deformed and cost ~500$ to buy a tournament army.

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Fun Fact: In Dark Heresy, and the other 40k Systems, it is perfectly acceptable for NPCs to roll Charm and other social tests against the player.

There is even a psychic power (usable by Daemons of Tzeentch) that can rewrite one's personality and core beliefs.

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Oh God, that image is uglier than I originally thought.

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Not even out yet, dog.

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