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Their colour scheme was rather drab. Now they dress in white, pure as the Emperor's Divinity. Trim for librarians is blue, the colour of the scholar. Chaplains is gold trim because their words are precious and don't decay with age. Apothecaries have red trim for the life they preserve. Tech-Marines have the chrome and silver trim of untarnished metal. Captains and the Chapter Master have black trim; they remember their origins and endure the weighted chains of authority. Scouts wear whatever colours let them blend in easily except on ceremonial occasions when it’s a dull slate grey.

Goes without saying that they have a lot of older patterns of Power Armour.

When they made the transition from mid to late Great Crusade to a worse future they took all their old gear with them, all their old on-site manufacturing things and tech-adepts and the spare parts stores.

They know how to make old style power armour and patch old suits together from other pattern parts.

When they were pulled out of time Mk7 was at the prototype stage and Mk6 was not something they had any of.

They have Mk2 - Mk5. They have a couple of Mk1 suits in their museum. Thy have a few Mk6 and Mk7 suits now and the number is only ever going to rise. But slowly. They aren't going to throw anything away that still works and Power Armour can last a very long time.

Same can be said for everything else they own. Old as balls ship, weapons and vehicle designs. Not of the "so awesome the Ad-Mech forgot how to make it", type of old. Unfortunately. Mostly they have things the Ad-Mech phased out for good reasons. They have tried to upgrade as best they can, installing modern systems into antiquated ships and such but the process is not perfect of fast.

Can't quite loose the Crusader mindset and can't quite get to grips with the fact that no one else has one. Approve of the Black Templars but the Black Templars despise them. New recruits are more grounded in the new era.

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Does anyone just rp with the minis for 40k. Example level units up as they survive use xp to buy wargear for em as they level up.

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has anyone else noticed that space marine boots are awkwardly large? doesn't that make it difficult to walk/

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I'm genuinely curious as to how to make this. I'd imagine that Devastator Terminators would be very common in the 40k-verse instead of being armed with Storm Bolters.

I like the OP's image. I'm thinking I might try and add something like this for the campaign I've got going with a pal.

Power armored dudes are awesome. Soldiers toting around excessively massive weaponry is awesome. So XBOXHUGE power armored dudes toting around excessively massive weaponry is even more awesome.

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Then they are committing heresy unto themselves?
Since the Emperor strictly said he will slap the shit out of people that were religious.

His claim to be a god? The Emperor never claimed godhood, he disliked religions all together.

And about the vision? So they saw a vision where the most powerful human was defied and worshiped even if he said he would not stand for that shit?
I mean yeah it did happen, but by the heretics own fault.

Which leads me to a conclusion that the heretics including Horus were all autistic manchildren.

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I will be dumping random pics of stuff tg related

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>"What the fuck did the missing two do that earned them the Emperors wrath?"

Went over to chaos or allied with xenos? If this happened before they were given command of their own Legion and were still contained on one world or small group of worlds they could be removed with hardly anyone finding out.

Also Russ the Executioner. How did he come to see himself as this? Something more profound than the killings required of any other Legion.

Where did the Marines from the Legions founded with their gene-seed go? Note how huge the Ultramarines numbers are.

The Ultramarines post-Heresy are no longer the pure sons of Gulliman. They are a chimeric bastard offspring of 3 demi-gods, two of them were shamed enough to be erased from the official histories.

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Right. But it would be even MORE dishonest to, when comparing Space Marines and Spartans, use Kaldor Draigo. He's the mightiest warrior in the Grey Knights, who are arguably the mightiest Space Marines in the Imperium.

I think this should also include Master Chief when comparing Spartans, but since the majority of any given feats of strength Spartans show is through his actions, it's difficult to separate the two.

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Hm. My own personal group of friends loves everything, though, me included. Anything with rules we'll tackle. I guess I want to know if that's a normal thing. Is it safe to assume the average fellow who enjoys DnD will also enjoy 40k and Pokemon cards? Because I sure do. If I had all the money in the world I'd retire, buy everything ever put on a LGS's shelf and play them all the time. Is that a personality type that's recurring, or am I a subsect of a subsect? Do most people pick DnD and RPG's like it and stick to that and touch nothing else?

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I'm gonna be honest with you, there are some problems with that.

A) There are 2 missing legions, and the HH books have pretty damn well definitively stated those legions were destroyed or absorbed into the Ultras. Point being they do not exist. You used to be able to homebrew your own, but not anymore.

Being from Heresy era would get you fucked by the present Imperium at large so hard due to of course your current inability to understand wtf is going on as well as 10,000 years of value drift. That and warp shenanigans anyway.

Having some old tech is really no big deal.

If you want the time-lost bit make it at most 4-5k years, lots of shit has happened since then, but you aren't interfering with established stuff too much and your chapter can actually function in the 40k Imperium.

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Thing about GW is, well, you know it started out as a joke, right? Still kinda is, if you don't have a stick up your ass. They're that kid on the playground who said "Infinity doubled +9 times whatever you say!". Space marine power armor is the shit. It's practically indestructible. Then GW put it in a universe that could chew through it like a pack of trident layers. Don't compare anything outside of 40k to anything inside 40k, unless it's like, guardsmen. Because Superman could be inconvenienced by space marine power armor. Does 38 thousand years in the future mean anything to anyone?

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What's is your preferred combo for tactical squads? I prefer flamer and heavy bolter because both of my asault squads already have meltaguns and heavy bolters are better anti-infantry weapons than missile launchers. Both weapons are free to boot.

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do you need the book? because I think its over at /rs/

either way I'll play along with a test play if you need to practice!

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What's the biggest single fuckup the Space Marines have ever had post Heresy?

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Well I was just trying to be dramatic.

The Horus Heresy novels portray Gulliman as pragmatic to the point of being a complete cold monster. Considering what the other Legions have inherited from their Primarch, you'd imagine that the Ultramarines are much the same. Ultramar is the way it is because the citizens are more productive when they're happy and not dying- not because Calgar cares about them.

I forgot where I was going with this... something about the Ultras going to that planet because they absolutely have to. Damn you getting drunk in convenience stores!

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Well I know almost nothing about tyranid, so take this with a grain of salt, but do you have enough troops? I feel like at 1500 points almost any army will be able to sweep 40 termagaunts... actually now that I write that I don't know

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>go to 40k Tuesdays at my FLGS
>set down my fully-painted Ultramarines
>opponent is gonna play Grey Knights
>not a single model is painted, fully grey
>using two drednoughts, both of them represented by Battletech models
>start game, first turn, I take my turn
>his turn
>"Do any of you guys have the GK codex? I forgot mine"

I'm never playing against that guy again. We tied (capture and control, 1 objective each), but he didn't fully understand what his psychic powers did or how his psykers worked, didn't know the stats on his models, shit. I understand when you get a new army and you're excited to play them; I wind up playing against a lot of 13 and 14-year olds, but even they seem to remember their units stats after turn 2 or 3. This dude was just scatter-brained.

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"Captain. We found nothing in the rubble- evidence suggests this planet was plagued by greenskins. We will find nothing to salvage here, sir... Sir...?"

The voice rang loud in your helmet's vox but for some reason- you could not bring yourself to respond. The air inside was stifling and the recycled air it was forcing you to breath became ever more stale. The barren wasteland of this forgotten world smelled of xenos and betrayal. It smelled of battle long past. Discarded shells lay scattered about your feet, the shining brass reflecting the light of the planet's twin suns.

Is this what your men had been reduced to? Scavengers? The lowest on the Imperial ladder- the most hated of all. Scrounging a planet for ammunition and supplies... it was disgraceful. Your men were better then that. They deserved better.

"Alright Ursel- Raise Sergeant Donato on the vox and tell him this planet is a lost cause. Tonight we leave Imperial space."


Your motionless stare was stirred as the marine walked away- something in the rubble was watching him. Watching you. Perhaps it would be best to get a closer look.

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Hope that settles it- tell your friend to stop being a dingus.
Sternguard are already great, you don't have to lie to make them better.

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