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Oops, I linked the post you already replied to thinking you replied to the initial post I made, my bad.
I guess to elaborate more on my position, think of it as a swashbuckling tale of heroism. With a certain type of story you can go in expecting that the good guys are going to win the day, especially if it's aimed more at younger audiences, but being able to guess the conclusion doesn't mean the story can't be interesting; there's still character conflict, battles to be won and lost, development of a story over time.
The game mechanics of a pen-and-paper RPG still facilitate that; there are rolls to be made as you attempt to fight the monster or persuade the nobleman to help you, and consequences for failure. If you cannot vanquish the beast guarding the macguffin you need, you're forced to flee. Maybe you get another chance to fight it, bringing a new strategy and more preparations, or maybe while you're recovering from the battle somebody else visits the cave and steals the macguffin, and you have to track down who did it and where they are. You survived and can continue playing your characters, but you've lost time, resources etc.

If you hear this and then think "well if I can just try over and over again I'll just brute force it since I'm guaranteed to win eventually" you have the wrong mindset and definitely aren't attuned for this kind of game. And that's also fine, different strokes for different folks. The great thing about tabletop is different systems can appeal to a wide variety of players with a wide variety of experiences, and different groups can play the same systems in different ways.

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Cowgirl/Holstaurus nannies/wetnurses
Mermaid sponge diving and fishing
Octogirl spies
Naga/lamia straight jackets
Harpy airborne rescue service
Satyress/faunette mountaineers

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Part 3
Continued from >>40424597

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>this is unbearable
>I'm gonna strip you bear
>with my bear hands
>you made me lose my bearings
>and got yourself in a grizzly situation
>pre-bear your anus
>just bear with me
>we're gonna do it bearback

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Jesus man, you are going to be the reason she is scared off. I can hear you stuttering and out of breath from anxiety through the internet. She did not join your game to date you. She joined your game to play a game. Mellow out. Play the damn game. Be social, friendly, and attentive to her, just as ANYONE ELSE. And if there is some magic there, all the better, but christ pal you need to rethink your angle here.

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As a third party here, that dude's post is coming across pretty calm to me, and he makes reasonable justifications for his character decisions; on the other hand, you seem to be getting pretty buttblasted over a character you're never going to have to interact with.

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E ghads, text on top?
Picture on bottom?
Whatever shall we do?
Oh Nooooooooo...

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I hope for the best, OP

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Yes. The kind of DMPC that is "way more powerful and experienced" than the PCs yet the DM slaps them into the group so the DM can say "Now I can play in my game too gaiz lets do this cause I say so. dont like it? tough! Cause my super special guy says so and you cant stop me."

I hate that shit.
NPCs are not at all like that.

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I don't like the sound of this...

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>this piques my interest in 1/144 models again
>I notice that customized Gundam X
>AND an HGUC Gerbera Tetra
>pic related

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Most people don't know a ton about ogres, really. Before they became top tier, nobody really gave a shit about them, and the people who picked them up because they were FotM don't really care enough to learn about The Great Maw, how ogres were created to be the ultimate chaos hunters but the Old Ones couldn't finish them in time for the arrival of Chaos, and left them half finished and brain dead, because Old Ones are dicks like that or even how for the fifty years between their creation, and the Great Maw showing up, Ogres were actually pretty chill, just kinda wandering around in a huge field outside Cathay eating yaks.

Ogre fluff is pretty cool when you look into it, but nobody really gives a fuck, because they're not popular with fluff players for some reason.

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I actually have the opposite problem.

All the game stores in the area refuse to stock, or even allow you to even play, GW games, so I'm forced into playing warmahordes even though I don't really want to.

I can understand not wanting to work with GW because they -are- kind of cunts, but the fuck is up with banning the play of 40k and WHFB in your store? All you're doing is keeping me from going to your store more often, and thereby from spending my money there.

pic unrelated, but adorable and I just kind of felt like posting it.

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Hey, /tg/

Figured I'd try out Warmahordes again, despite my poor experiences with its community the past, because my friend has been saying he wants to play a trollbloods army, and its honestly easier to find a store to play Warma in than the Warhammer games at this point. I picked up a unit of gatormen, and their huge turtle model which is frankly an awesome mini , and I was wondering what /tg/ had to say about where to proceed from here.

I need a warlock still, so I thought I'd go with Calaban, because his abilities look fun as fuck, and Cajun voodoo crocodiles sounds like probably the best thing ever. Aside from that, I heard something about a swamp-kraken model that was supposed to be really good, and the guy at the store mentioned something called a "croc-block" where you just get a really powerful unit of crocodiles, and march down the board killing anything in your way.

And as a side note, how likely is it that Privateer Press will make it so I don't have to take named characters in the future? Despite it being a relatively minor thing rules-wise, it's a huge pet peeve of mine, and makes the army feel like it isn't "mine". It makes it so I can't really come up with backstories or personalities for my own army, and that's the best part about playing a wargame to me.

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C'mon /tg/ 100+ posts and no Johnny Mnemonic? I mean that movie IS shadowrun.

Also dissapointed in the lack of 13th Warrior.

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It's like watching my players...

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