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lol we spent it on blowing him up :)

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humm... can see why their father may not want to tell them stuff. Especially "enlightening" and turning people into demons.

Could state that we can say some basic information but those two subjects enlightenment and turning people into demons is a very personal and most likely touchy subject. So we don't want to go into that as that would make her father angry.

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“Quite well, as it happens. Their membership is on decline at the moment, but their enclave is more established than ever. Certainly your dear love's efforts failed to do any lasting harm... I suspect they may be having problems at the moment, though.”

“Problems? Explain.” You say almost exactly as Scinnari similarly demands an explanation.

“It is possible the demons she was responsible for binding and enslaving in Boulderfall were released with her death.” The crystal says. It pauses, almost long enough that you ask it another question. It interrupts as you open your mouth, though. “However, judging by how much warning you gave her, I'd find it very unlikely if she did not have time to unbind and banish them before she deceased.” Again, Scinnari does not seem react, features almost... wooden.

“And why was- Why did she believe her soul bound for the hells?” Scinnari asks. You note the faintest of quavers in her voice.

“Because she believed she had negotiated with your lady Glasya for certain... accommodations.” the crystal replies acidly, “Among the least of which was the information from which she engineered your... downfall.”

Scinnari almost flinches at the word. She looks as if she wants to give the crystal similar treatment as she gave Vale, but instead turns and storms out of the room. You pause, tempted to follow, but know you should secure the crystal first. You teleport to your storage place, and prepare to leave, but it speaks again.

“Or at least, she /believes/ she is the one responsible. Now tell me, Binderspawn, what shall you do? Trade her the torment of knowing ignorance so you can remain honest in her eyes? Or defend her with your silence? Ask her, Binderspawn. /Ask/ her. Does she love you more than she loved Aleksander? Can she ever?”

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You head towards the black, practicing your vocal imitations under your breath.

“There. Left... on the right. Third wall board. Knothole.” Scinnari orders. You decide you'll debate her phrasing later, and obey. Fingering it, you trigger a small blast of flame, which naturally doesn't bother you, then find the catch. It slides open, and Varra-come-Azyra and you step through. A massive chamber, a long, spacious warehouse, with several tables and abundant glyphs of various wardings and enchantments. Wonderful.

“Alma?” you ask, casting about. Scinnari is not forthcoming on this.

“Yes? Milady?” A young woman replies, looking up from a table. What looks like another devil of some variety is sitting at a table discussing something with a trio of mortals.

“That is a harvester devil- And I fear it my be one I know. Try to avoid his eyes, if at all possible.” Scinnari warns, serious worry evident in her voice. You nod, and edge to one side, leading Varra with you. The one who is presumably Alma, though, was filling out a ledger when you passed through. Accounts, it looks like.

“Send word to Jezirba that Scinnari has completed her business.” your reply, your second full-volume attempt. While your voice normally has an exceptional range of tones you can give, actually attempting to reproduce a specific one is surprisingly difficult. Internally, you commune with Scinnari. “What is his name, and what do I do if he notices me?”

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[Apologies, /tg/ ate this post repeatedly.]

"So, Scinnari. It strikes me we have an unfinished conversation hanging." you begin that evening. You've taken to candlelight dinner in front of Varra- The candle serving mostly to outline the utter darkness of the cave, rather than show anything. Despite that, what little it shows of you, combined with your thoroughly inhuman voice has proven itself... extremely effective.

"Do we, lord? And what might that be?" she replies affably. You press the attack.

"If I recall, we left a certain topic on the floor of Beren's palace... You never did explain quite what held up your normally most-efficient service for so long."

"Ah... I believe I stated that I would rather not say." she replies.

"Yes, I do recall something to the effect. I'm still interested in whatever details you possess." you reply, smoothly switching to mental communication.

"Our... Agreement to truthfulness remains in place?" she asks carefully. You nod.

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"I... Am sorry for this breach of trust, lord." she says at length, shifting uncomfortably. At least she didn't try to deny it. "It was foolish to the extreme, and... an unconscionable betrayal of trust. I... I originally meant merely to investigate why it was answering me as well as you, but... got carried away by the opportunity." she says. She bows her head, and continues as you let the silence grow again. "I- am sorry, lord. I present myself to your judgement."

You let the silence continue for a few seconds, then speak yourself. "First of all, I would be interested to hear what you asked it. While the crystal can, I do /not/ read minds." you say blandly, not shifting at all yourself.

"I asked why it whether it would answer me, and why it would answer me. It declined to do so, so I asked about your past, where you came from and whether there was anyone... significant behind you." Scinnaris replies neutrally, "I hoped that such an question would be something it couldn't resist answering. I was correct. Then I asked about what designs you had upon me, specifically, if you intended to replace me.". She pauses, as if waiting for you to question, but you remain silent, staring down at her. She continues after a moment. "That was all."

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At home, Scinnari prepares. Clothes. Necklace. Story. Everything necessary for gaining then betraying Azdukashen's trust. Arrogant bastard that he is, (heh, probably literally,) you doubt she'll have much trouble with her deception. Implementation, however...

"By the way..." you say, as if coming up with the idea, "Do you have any restraints that would hold him? Spellcaster that he is?"

"I.. No by themselves, no. I have a set of trick-cuffs I can appropriate; they'd probably work, only I know the secret, but that would obviously be a bit too risky. Combine that with something else, though, and that would prevent him from casting anything."

"What about polymorphing?" you demand.

"That too, I think. Though perhaps something more like that iron cartwheel Cygnis was in when we found her. Though it was a bit oversized."

"Actually, I'm starting to sympathize with them." you admit, "With the prospects of having a much larger angry dragon on our hands... I'm getting a little worried myself. That thing might be nice."

"I suppose. Alright, I can get him.." she says, folding the necklace in a cloth and placing it in a small jewelry box. She then pulls the highly-dangerous perfume bottle out, and slips it into a fold of her robes. "What do we do with him once I have him? How do we transport him while he's unconscious, and restrain him once he isn't?"

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Switching the orb to your right hand, you focus on the ring bound to Scinnari's collar. You begin visualizing it, then her.. then... Aisha? Walls... Bars... A cell. A /cell/? The hells? Disturbing. Shifting focus, you try and figure out where she is.... The pompously named 'Halls of Justice', where you have been once before. Bagged by the Sealo- Of course! She teleported back to your house.. How on earth did they actually managed to capture them, though? Perhaps they brought a wizard in two, or she couldn't get out without blowing her cover as your consort.. Still, you evidently need to get them out.

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As you brush pass him, you may have imagined it, but you think you may have caught a whiff of cinnamon... Driving the thought from your mind, lest you start emitting clouds of smoke within sight of the door, you wrap your cloak around you, and press onward into the heavy rain.

As it happens, Scinnari is back when you return, and looking far too happy for your tastes.

"What did you find?" you growl in greeting.

"He's a hundred and eighty five, and from the south east. He spends most of his time pulling strings in the court of Tashz, posing as a wealthy and noble merchant from even further east. He also claims to have a tribe of lamias that worship him." Scinnaris starts, tapping off fingers as she relates items. "He is fond of... I'm precisely sure what it is, but it sounded like-" Scinnari says, before emitting a word that sounds vaguely like 'hookah' in draconic. "I also am led to understand that he consider humanoid females... his for the taking."

"Indeed. And were you?" you manage to keep yourself from snarling.

"Please. I hope you think better of me than that." Scinnari asks, mock-offended. "He's a major figure at the court, and an friend of the Sultan. In fact, our dear assassin might even recognize him. Oh.... Further, he seems... inordinately fond of his sis- I'm sorry, *half* sister," Scinnaris says, mimicking his corrections.

"Thank you. Now did you find anything worthwhile, or that I did not already know?"

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mind rape can be dispelled. I know for a fact because i am GMing a game and a player of mine is using it.

reason why mind control is last resort. it does not last and you can't have people you trust turning against you

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And possibly her mother...

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>They should just be naked!
>has a problem with dressing like sluts

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