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>posts pic related in local RPG community forums before first session
>arrives at GMs small apartment
>Takes biggest seat quite clearly reserved for GM
>During char creation
>"Anons GM, can I take autism as a positive trait"
>"What would that give you, plus 5 to fanfic writing?" says other player
>"Actually, I AM AUTISTIC!"
>dead silence for at least 20 minutes
>Constantly abusing GMs furniture with massive weight
>Wont stop rocking in chair, despite multiple requests to stop
>New female french student joints
>"Is there anything traits I could take to improve my charisma?"
>"Well, my dear, you could take sexual magnetism, but I see you already have that"
>Dead silence again
>Starts falling alsleep midgame
>Loudly snoring
>Wake him up
>Falls asleep again in 5 minutes
>Have to speak in between snores

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Alright then, i'll tell it with all the details because you asked.

>Near enough first proper RPG
>Probably 4 years ago now
>16 year old going out to this guy (also current GM to this day)'s house to play the Void RPG
>The void was like sci fi call of cthulhu or cthulhutech or something
>I finally get to his house, spend ages looking for it
>Get to meet him, call him D
>really nice guy, small apartment
>D does a lot of work with publishers but small apartment
>RPG room is a small coffee table surrounded by recliners and chairs taken from everywhere
>I take foldable one, leaving bigger ones to be polite
>Other two players arrive, take frugal seats like me but still frugal
>4th player arrives
>Massive landwhale, breathing heavily
>Hey, I'm anon! as I got to shake his hand
>Barely notices me and awkwardly shakes my hand
>Takes big wooden recliner (probably had to)
>He will be called C from now on.

Pic is what he put up on the forum we met before he left for the game.

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Original Material?

I'll actually find the original forum posts he made. They're downright disgusting but probably the best part.

Here it is.

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