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welcome to /tg/

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I blame moot and the chick he got clucked by

>new fag's calming cluck is old

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I know, right? The beginning was downright painful to read. It really only started to get good when the core ideas took shape in the latter part of the thread.

I think we can all agree that this project, despite whatever flaws it may have, is a shining example of pic related.

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Looking at this thread, especially the 'derail' screencaps all i can think is how valid this picture is...

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Odds are that the criminal faction in control of the brothel was not maintaining it very well because monopolies tend to bring about stagnation.

Go into the brothel and do an inspection of the premises. Make sure that furniture is of good or at least acceptable quality and that the employees are free from disease. Having a cleric on call for curing diseases will be a good investment as well making sure you have a decent security force to remove customers who step out of line.

Offering the traditional brothel services is good enough to ensure a steady stream of profits but you could enhance your business by making the main room of the building a lounge/bar where those uninterested in buying sex could relax and be pampered after a hard day of work.

You could also seek to add some sort of unique gimmick to your establishment like specializing in exotic races, novelty rooms (or pocket dimensions rented at hourly rates), good food, psychological counseling, or even renting out a bit of the basement for people who need to disappear for a while.

Good luck OP and have fun!

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I can't speak for your generals, but when nobody's shitposting, we're always discussing something.

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>Spot the newfag.

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>Str 12
Work out, done fencing for a few years, decent muscle strength.
>Dex 11
Fairly light on my feet, can keep my balance better than a lot of people I know
>Con 10
Nothing fantastic, not particularly tough
>Int 11
Struggled with maths and sciences throughout school but currently studying a BA in English, much more of an artistic learner
>Wis 12
Often get told I'm wise beyond my years, generally decent common sense
>Cha 15
I do a lot of busking and actor, I rely on charisma for my income a lot of the time. I'm usually the sort to be confident under pressure.

As for class I'd undoubtedly be a bard, I play ukulele and sing and it's my job as well as my passion.

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>and then that famous painting
Just in-case you don't know about it search for the reply of the Cossacks, it's funny as fuck.

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I want to convert D&D 5e into a non-class based system. Freeform if you will.
Is it possible?

Pic kind of unrelated

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Lurk more.

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oh i wish it were that simple

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My favourites are Happy Jacks and Fear the Boot. A few other good ones are Bear Swarm, RPPR, All Games Considered, Kicked in the Dicebags, Atomic Array and Brilliant Gameologists. That should keep you supplied for a while.

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Where do you think you are.

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I'm pretty sure that Exalt were allied with the aliens. As far as we know, they never really had ground operations for resources like XCOM had to do. They acquire gene modding capabilities far sooner than XCOM do, perhaps hinting that they've been given some meld earlier. Also, later on you face Exalt fighting alongside the aliens (I remember a pod of Muton Elites in my Exalt Base mission, and later on after they have been 'destroyed', they still show up occasionally in alien terror attacks.)

They probably started out as a group just as you say, trying to take over the world to guide humanity towards what they think is right. But I think as soon as the aliens made contact (Or even Exalt contacted them first) they found their higher calling.

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Yeah but that's not insurmountable. It could feed from the bottom and up through the grip for instance. I'm not going to think about it too hard.

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Someone shooped an elf head into this picture, I don't have that version.

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What do you think, /tg/?

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