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It is still the better alternative to the Imperium. A humanity under Chaos would be mightier than the humanity united under the corpse.

And post your Xenos. I am not stopping you from doing that, am I? Chaos is all about FREEDOM, you know.

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Nah, Pythol does say "Let him sniff our taint". Well, "out", not "our", but you just know what Dan Abnett was thinking when he wrote that line.

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Warhammer 40K : Chaos Space Marine?


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Well, /tg/, how?

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"Simple brother. Have the Chapter Librarians scan him for the taint of chaos. If they judge him pure, he is free to rejoin his brethren."

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Mark of Tzeentch: Gain Unnatural Willpower +2, plus Daemonic (at a rating equal to Infamy bonus) OR the psyker trait (if not currently possessed), Soul-Bound, and +1 to PR. The desire to seek knowledge may be replaced with another disorder of Tzeentch.
Rationale: MoT should be useful for more than just non-psykers seeking to become psykers. By default, its a loss in power for human psykers, and 750 free XP for CSM sorcerers.

Mark of Slaanesh: Heightened Senses (All), plus Unnatural Fellowship +2, and Unnatural Agility equal to Infamy bonus. The desire to spread lust and greed may be replaced with any disorder of Slaanesh.
Rationale: Although the Mark is about right, it seems unfitting that only psyker-Slaaneshi will have ultra high agility. Psyker Slaaneshi will already be able to give themselves a higher agility rating.

Mark of Chaos Ascendant: A character who has twenty purchases of each chaos god, who is currently Undivided, and who possesses a minimum of 150 infamy may elect to receive the Mark of Chaos Ascendant, receiving the benefits of all four Marks -- however, it is all or nothing, and receiving the Mark of Khorne does mean loss of psyker powers.
Upon receiving the Mark of Chaos Ascendant, the character cannot go beyond 99 corruption without his consent, unless his infamy should drop below 150 or he should cease to be Chaos Undivided. This even applies to corruption from failings -- those who bear the Mark of Chaos Ascendant find the Ruinous Powers to be strangely forgiving of them, and will tolerate any number of Failures without destroying or spawning their champion... until his Infamy wanes.
This would mean Unnatural Agility, WS, BS, Str, and Tou 15+, plus the Daemonic and Powerful Charge traits at another +15, and 15 extra wounds.

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that reminds me, is that Marneus Calgar nigger in Finecast yet? I want to model some scenery that involves him replacing the Imperial Fist here, and it'd be too much of a pain in the ass to pull off with metal

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The party heads back to their ship, and the Explorator fixes the Gellar Field. As they leave the Emperor-forsaken world, and try to brush off some of the corruption they got, they get one last voxcast.

"You've helped me out a fair bit. You have no idea how much. You should have everything you need now. You won't see us again. Death to the enemies of the False Emperor."
"Let's get out of here, captain." says the seneschal.
"But he seemed like a pleasant fellow. We bring him with us." says the Rogue Trader.
>What. That was...I...4 more corruption points.
"...no." says the Rogue Trader.
"No." He looks scared, as if he's trying to make a stand.
>You will take those corruption points. I guarantee it.
Rogue Trader is silent.

I then give out XP.
"And Profit Factor is?" Asks Rogue Trader. He gets out his pencil.
"None? Why not?"
>You don't get profit factor from a misfortune.

And we called it there, as they decided to head back to their moon.

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No, this thread is now about slagging Ultramarines.

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These Battle-Brothers are about to have the honor of going into battle for the first time as Ultramarines.

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Good work OP, confirmed legit. You're a good man, and you should feel good.

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Demonically infused wood, you mean?

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