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There's only one Ultramarines captain I recognize.

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I am chapter master titus of the forsaken ultra and i am canon.

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It's 40,000! Why do xenos and heretics still exist?

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>hating on Captain Titus

There is something wrong here. I think it's you.

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I am Titus of the Ultramarines and i am commander of the 2nd Company, Let none dispute my claim.

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Captain Titus of the ultramarine's
>What we know so far..
After the events of space marine the 40k inquisition has removed all mentions of captain Titus from imperial records, only surviving proof is a statue that depicts Titus that even Cato Sicarius has mention.

The events of space marine either took place on "Graia" Or on another forge world of the same name.

Timeline of Spacemarine is tricky as are all lore fluff but its believe that the events of this game either took place in later M.41 Or M.42

Reasons as to why Cato Sicarius is believe to be charge of the second company during the events of space marine, it is widely accepted fact that inquisition will regularly delete or change imperial records and its believe that in this insistence that all records containing to captain Titus have been manufactured and altered in such a way that Cato Sicarius took over command of the second company instead of Titus and that all the actions of titus are now in fact Cato Sicarius.

Not sure why people are making theses topics all a sudden but i'm interested just the same in it.

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Yeah, it's not like a single Space Marine is capable of making any real difference

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Paragon Aasimar

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You both suck and I'm ashamed to share a barge with you.

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Best Relic space marine coming through.

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It has been no more than two hours since your daring rescue and dashing escape from the Inquisition Fortress World of Talasa Prime, and the down time has thankfully given everyone time to collect their thoughts and catch their breaths. You needed to spring into action soon, though: no doubt your pursuers will eventually realize you are no longer anywhere on the planet's surface, and extend their search segmentum-wide. That assertion sounds positively paranoid for anyone to make, but...

That Inquisitor knew your name. He knew your name and recognized you. You would not be surprised if he knew of 'Stand Abilities' and concluded that your escape was made with aid of a Stand.

If they sent Imperial Navy ships to sweep the sector, and they found the Eldar ship which no doubt had an alien, smooth, curved appearance (although you've never actually seen it from the outside, so this is just your intuition speaking)...it would be over, and there would be no escape. You are perfectly aware of your Stand's main weakness; its range being no farther away than two meters from you. Out of all the Stand Users in the transport, only Macha's Stand had the range necessary for movement throught the vacuum of space, and you're not exactly sure Weather Girls could do anything to deal with a fleet of spacefaring vessels.

You thought that perhaps Criehr's 'Austerlitz' could create an 'illusion' to conceal the ship, but it seems her Stand, which mimicks a sketchbook and pencil, has its own fair share of limitations as well: the illusion, if undisturbed, can only last for three minutes. You do not claim to be an expert on combat in the void, but you were quite certain that with that small timeframe, your group would need to make visual contact with pursuers before enacting any illusions...and if you can see them, they can see you. That just left complete evasion as the wisest and most desirable course of action.


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i like titus. does the codex astartes have any part of not being a fucking cunt? damn leandros to hell.

that is all.

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Brother. Listen to this.

A lowly guardsman is receiving medical attention from one of his fellows.

"You need to stop manipulating your genitalia." says the medic.

"Why?" asks the guardsman.

The medic replies "Because I'm trying to examine you."

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My current inspiration. The guy is a great example of a hero that busts his ass, bends the rules but doesn't break them, and sacrifices for his faith and his people.

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Come to think of it I never did see that Kraken Pattern Bolter again after I dropped it to punch Nemeroth to death...

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>As for the Space Marines, their dogmatic adherence to certain
set-piece strategies and tactics eventually became their undoing.
Titus was right. This is now canon forever.

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Captain Titus is my spiritual liege!

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The Imperium doesn't even trust it's own captains. Hell, even the chapter masters are prone to getting tainted. What good are the space Marines at all?

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Here is your new Black Shield.

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Come at me, brother.

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Titus from Space Marine was a pretty cool guy.

And he put down the guy who went Codex_astartes_does_not_support_this_action.jpg, which was even better.

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Because they don't know how to be stoic but not boring. How to be powerful, faithful, and loyal without blindly adhering to what they think being good means.

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He is a paladin. Loyal, faithful, unyielding, and powerful. Too many people play Lawful Stupid, I try my best not to by acting as he did.

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