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Nation Name: Solaire Dominion
Nation Color: Orange
Nation Location: Perseus
Nation Fluff: A Roman esque society where emperor is nearly a god to these people. They are civilized and industrialized but still focus on strong military tradition. They are organized and ruthless yet in their effort to expand they do not exterminate cultures, only make them kneel to the one true god, the emperor. They are prone to building everything grander and larger then necessary, The men wear large suits of armor and all ships are very large.
Leave this shit alone
Nation Population: .7 Billion
Nation Food Supply: Adequate
Nation Military Fleets: None
Nation Bonus: I'll give you this shit after reading your fluff.

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Lawful implies you have a set of rules or moral code whether they be self imposed or they are external ones imposed by a religious order or military group

Good implies you have a desire to help people

Lawful good is when you help people while following rules.

I played a paladin with the punisher's mentality and did not get dinged for it

pic semi related it how you play lawful good while committing great acts of genocide

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Maybe my attention span is to short.

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Sup /tg/. I need some advice on how to get started with some actual pen and paper RPGs.

I have a group of 4-6 people completely willing to start up a game, with myself as the game master/dungeon master/whateverthefuck master. The problem is that we don't have any rule set to work by. We tried a homebrew system I threw together for one encounter, and while it was fun it really has no chance for lasting for a meaningful amount of time, and I really don't want to have to be constantly fixing it/forming it/writing it down. So, tomorrow after work I'm going to be going to a few stores around town I'm hoping will have rulebooks and other such that I'd need.

What I'm asking for from you guys is tips on where to start, what system, what kind of actual resources or tools I'd need for that system, any tips on GMing in general, or any possible help you feel like giving. Since it's hard for us to get together and one of our players is out of state we typically use maptool, so tips on how to circumvent that piece of shit also accepted.

Pic unrelated, but I hear you guys like 40K.

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Thats heresy

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Team of all Black Templars Crusading around

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rolled 20 = 20

I mean make your space marines from inquisition and take assassins.

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>>Dark Templar pulling himself out of the rubble and piles of his dead comrades blown to bits by artillery fire
This dude is PISSED!

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>what is the appeal of spacemarines?
Humanity's weapon, where built for the soul purpose of uniting us (black templar player), all the damn tragedy of the horus heresy.
>why do you read the books?
Sci-fi books that describe impossible alien landscapes and action is good exercise for the brain.
>why do you collect them out of all the races?
BT codex was the first i ever picked up, cousin played orks. And swordsmen in space against all odds that don't participate in blood rituals (lookin at you GK's), and they are a definite remnant of Rogal Dorn's displeasure at the codex astartes.
>what, in a nutshell, makes them so damn popular?
12 yr olds.


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>>mfw heretic xeno witch space elf expects me to work with her until i realize this game might give us howling banshee ass.

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Can space marines just...quit?

I don't mean turning to chaos or going renegade but breaking his psycho-conditioning (if any) and saying : "Screw this, I'm handing in my notice. Gonna find me a small planet somewhere and raise crops and grow a family"

Also, which chapters are likely to be more understanding and not kill him on the spot for heresy?

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Are there any official images of actual black (brown-skinned, not Salamanders) Space Marines? I'm participating in a game of Deathwatch and it would really help.

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General 40k art thread. Go

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dearest elegan/tg/entlemen, the time has come for me to build my 40k army. i'm going with the BT, i enjoy their fluff and that they love CC.

so recommendations on what i need? to start off i atleast wanna build a 750 - 1000 pt army.

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if that's a BT marine i doubt he would be reading them the codex astartes considering dorn thought of it as toilet paper.

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>Your crusading knights, space vikings, and angsty monks are irrelevant.

first army and still favorite is my BT army. this hurts matt ward. like, really.

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Black Templars

Simple goal, simple plan

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BA player says BA are better at assualt than BT

6 man Termie squad with LC, AtCNMtO, and furious charge.

3 squads of sanguinary guard, 1 assualt squad and a dev squad later I look at him and you know what I said?

"That's gotta hurt."

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Holy shit /tg/ is moving fast

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Black Templars

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How's 1000 marines working out for you?

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I'm going to introduce my friends to 40K soon, and I want to show them some pictures to give them a feel of the setting.

So, 40K art dump please? Preferably with an even spread of the factions/races.

P.S. I'm also looking for that picture of a Space Marine (I think its from Deathwatch) flaming up a presumably traitor Guardsman.

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