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A new friend joins our ranks? That is fantastic news!

Guide him to me so I may properly tutor him in the ways of Tau'va.

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>The Ar'Ka cannon
>The impenetrable Nan-Yanoi moon base
>implying the Tau can lose Kaurava while they have these technological marvels at their disposal

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Tsk tsk tsk.....Gue'las and their limitless libido.

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>mfw I'm accused of being a weeaboo for liking the Tau
>mfw I scarcely watch anime or know anything of Japan

I adore the Tau because they are the underdogs and because I think they are the only sane and good faction in an uncaring grimdark galaxy.

Their struggle to unify the galaxy, uplift the downtrodden, and bring peace and prosperity to all, is very inspiring to me.

>The anatomy of Tau females

Does it matter? It is not a really important issue.

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