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It's less subtle for Aleph, but yes. Male and female, there's a fair bit of DAT ASS in this game.

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For instance, pic related shows the Bakunin starter army. Bakunin is a ship amongst the Nomad Nations. The home of vaudeville. Anything exotic, or illegal, can be found here. Pay your habitation fee, don't cause problems with the ship, or in the common areas, and you can do what you like.

The 3 people with funny skin and rifles are Moderators. Standard light infantry. They're special in that they have electric pulse. Gives them a bit of security if something bases them.

The lady with the face-enclosing mask and the ponytail is a Zero. Basic stealth infiltrator type. She has an e/mitter. Nasty against high-tech stuff. She can get into a forward position and wait until the time is right to skirmish.

The one in the trenchcoat is a Sin-Eater Observant. Weak on the offensive, but razor-fast on the defensive, with their strong armour, and mimetism, they can post a significant obstacle to a manuvering enemy.

The lady with DAT ASS is a Morias. Think a fucked up mix between Dianic paganism and Mary worship. They hate the AI, Aleph, who runs the human sphere.

She's well armoured, and has an optical disruptor feild, to make shooting against her rather difficult. Give her a HMG, and she can be a real nasty figure.

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>There IS that line about humans being shaped so that they can be better tools for Aleph, so Aleph can be a better tool for humans.

Check the source on that. It's from a NOMAD writer who decided to make a theatrical play on Aleph's POV.

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If you're only beggining, I strongly urge you to go for basic nomads for now. Sectorials are "experienced only" lists, and nomad ones require even more finesse than most. But as always, the best answer is buy starter, and learn to play using that. Afterwards, you'll have understanding of how the game works and what you can expect of your units and plan purchases appropriately.

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>The heads are too big.
Quite a few companies in the market use "heroic" scale. Which essentially means the heads and hands and legs are scaled too large in comparison to the body to make them stand out more.

Anyway, if you're in for 28mm (as it seems), I would humbly recommend Infinity, if you aren't automatically put off my shirow-esque designs and aesthetics.

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tween 7 and 10 is the best size, regardless of point limit. Naturally, since there isn't a single, golden list for each army, you'll probably end up collecting more, or even most of the models along the way. The best way to start? Download the rules off their site, and buy a starter for your army of choice. While some of the models may not see much use later on, they give you an instand, easy to learn force that won't overwhelm you with their special powers. The starters are around 38$ on Warstore and contain 6 models. I advise against buying any of the "sectorial" starters as they're designed for people who want to branch out into very specialized armies found in the supplement, and thus know their way around the rules. They're essentially "bundle boxes" rather than real starters for new players. Pic related, it's one such "sectorial" box.

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It was the fact that I had to win FtF with 2-shot ARO model at BS 15, in cover, with the rest of the band shooting through the windows. Not all are blessed with HD+ and we have to do it the hard way, with FO's. I could try and kill the rest first, but it wouldn't change anything, they're morat, so they wouldn't run anyway. The fact that enemy was on a roll with his rolls and succeeded more often than not didn't help, but after game he said that he wouldn't have done anything I didn't think of with the list either.
>Or a linked team of your own with a missile launcher or two.
No linked teams for aleph. No missile launchers for aleph, come to think of it. I still have higher win-lose ratio with them than after 3 years of playing PanO, but they do struggle against heavy units.

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