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Now hard is Dark Heresy to GM vs nWoD?

Which is more mechanics heavy. Which is more rules heavy. What are the biggest challenges to GMing Dark Heresy?

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Kreigers can be really fun to play, I've ran with one for my Dark Heresy campaigns back in the day. Either way - the typical things would be you don't have a name, neither do you have much personal interests - while other characters might enjoy card games, music or art you like las guns, because they are good for shooting heretics and low-life. Which brings us to the RP element - a kreiger makes for a perfect "war" character, you're breed for battle so during combat you'll excel I'd suggests learning some military tactics and reading up on them in general >>28101858 is an excellent example, just rename it something warhammery, like "Horus duty" and quote a random page from the imperial uplifter or tacticarum.

Like mentioned you don't have a name - their pointless and calling others by names feels odd, try and give them ranks - everyone needs ranks, its how society is structured, you need to have a chain of command, and will probably push for one (just don't over do it and break the group) mentally your robust, a life of training have put you into jaded mindset - death will come, its natural but as long as you did all you could before dying, its fine, big o' emps will take your soul, also remember your a religious extremist, mutants heretics and their ilk must die. Open spaces are killing fields - you're taught to avoid them from birth, clearly you need to stop your friends from entering them.

However, outside of combat its easy to become forgotten or one-tracked, the "kreiger can't into social situations, spaghetti everywhere!" or "I'll look at everything from a military perspective! Nice hallway! Its got defensive positions!" gets old rather quick (feel free to use it here and there however) so the most important aspect of playing a kreiger if you want him to stay relevant is character growth - end up somewhere else, pick up interests and hobbys, come to question your indoctrination a bit, or at least put it in perspective.

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I'd like to mention that I am still looking for people here, as the group I was suppose to join went into text RP instead of voice!

So just to clarify: I am looking for voice RP, as I am not really comfortable with text to properly convey my character emotion or motive.

Contact is in the E-mail feild.

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The amazing thing about stories in text like these is that there is no "wrong" way to see a character, at all - as such I've got nothing but delight over any character thats drawn/otherwise representate out of my "stories"! Unless you see John from the ship like anything but looking like freddie mercury in which case you are wrong! Wrong I tell you!

I really wish 4chan had longer windows for typing, perhaps I should just shorten it down a bit, what does TG say, ought I just try and skin my posts to the most essential..? Anyway, drink have been aquire back to writing, sorry for delay!

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I'll look into it, thanks!

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To be fair, Yoda had Tarkin under mind control at the time.

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I haven't got that far into the book. Does Only War have rules for mass battles? Or is it just a background thing mostly abstracted?

I mean, its an RPG about the Guard so...

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Hi /tg/, I have a little bit of a problem and I'd like your input on it.

See, I'm DMing a campaign of 3.5 and one of the players, a warlock, is constantly using his invocation to do Baleful Utterance on every enemy's weapons to shatter them. It's gotten to the point where pretty much all he does in fights is just shatter weapons and move away. Obviously this is taking pretty much all of the challenge out of fights when the enemies are forced to just punch the party which doesn't work for shit. What can I do to stop this? The only thing I can think of are use enemies with natural weapons which isn't really an option all of the time.

Pic probably unrelated, I just grabbed a random one.

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Krieg Clone Troopers are so disciplined and efficent...Commissars are often found with little to do or are weirded out. Most end up depressed.

Not to say Kriegers don't take morale checks and need a reminder every so often...but really Commissars most often find themselves useless in fluff.

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my pleasure

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no ordinary soldier is allowed to do it (says the primer) but ti does state that rules for officers vary from regiment to regiment.

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3x6 Spore Mine Clusters 180

Tyranid Prime 80

3 Tyranid Warriors 90

30 Termagants 150

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sup /tg/, I just got some hive guard and some of the arms are stuck to the legs in a way that almost seems as if they are supposed to be like this... are they?

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They finally released it! Yay.

Hive Commander doesn't stack: Boo.


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