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Not that I remember. I was a newfag to /tg/ at the time, just saving images while lurking.
Cool, gonna make some scans then tonight.

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Meh, having sharp teeth isn't that bad, and the tongue is a very resilient chunk of muscle that heals pretty fast.

Also, I would row row and fight tha powah.

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Ok /tg/, /v/ is a tad slow and have started discussing the game in general (though there's nothing wrong with that) so I'll throw it in here as well.

Playing X-com UFO defence, new base is up and 8 rookies just arrived, they'll serve as a "farm" team for the main base, as in they'll fight hard and die until a select few have become heroes in thier own right and earned the right to be tranfered to the main base where the team of death will reside.

As alien hunters who's reputation and plasma will pierce the heavens they'll also need good names that are capable of piercing the heavens and will follow them from the cradle to the grave in thier x-com life!

Though I have names for 7 of my 8 rookies many will die for such is the lot of a rookie, as such I'll need spare names for upcoming superstars.

Pic semi related.

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We should post Cultist together to celebrate!

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