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>If in melee a combatant is either stunned or forced to flee what happens? Do they remain in place and fight in the next round or does the movement trigger at once?
You resolve it in the dumbest and most literal reading possible. Fleeing and stunned models can't attack, but they can be attacked, so if they become stunned on the other player's turn said other player gets a free swing potentially. Once it's the model's turn to go again, you just go through phase by phase. I don't have it memorized quite yet, but I know that stunned models don't act in the first two movement phases, then in the (I think it's called) running phase they move randomly and become unstunned. Fleeing is extremely similar.

>In a regular skirmish, do Slavekin count to the maximum model number?
Yeah, they do. I'm not sure what you mean about them being a no-brainer to not take, though, could you dumb it down for me a bit?

>with things remaining exciting to the end (when I got greedy).
Yeah, the gem scenario is all about avoiding fights.

Thanks a bunch for bothering to read my shit.

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I hope BBB doesn't offend anyone

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Here. Please help by making naked lady posts or talking about the game or something.

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My concept of the fluff is basically pic related, so sure, maybe, no, no, no, maybe.

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