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「Come Together」
This stand is a roll of tape with a star or nebula pattern on it, however, when inspected by another stand user, rather than a pattern it appears to be a window through the earth or sky to the stars beyond, as if anything there had been cut away. It is extremely adhesive, almost certainly requiring another stand to remove it unless the user removes it personally. However, it is not much stronger than normal tape, and can be cut fairly easily. Its true strength comes from its ability 「Mojo Filter」, which allows the user to control and mechanical device the stand is attached to. This includes both simple machines such as levers all the way up to and including computers, though it merely allows the user to interface with them, not to perform any feats they could not in person with full access to the machine. It takes a greater length of tape to operate a more advanced machine, and the user can only produce so much at once, in addition to losing any senses around a machine if many are active at the same time. It can be used on simple machine components of larger systems as well- causing a gear to jam, or a person's arm to stiffen.

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「Come Together」
Power [E] / Speed [E] / Range [A] / Durability [D] / Precision [B] / Potential [B]
「Come Together」 takes the form of a roll of duct tape that appears to both stand users and bystanders alike to have a surface that looks like a window into the night sky, as if looking through the earth/atmosphere into space. When applied, it is extremely difficult to remove by mundane means, but fairly easily destroyed by a stand user. Any machinery, moving parts, or electronic device that has 「Come Together」 taped to it is under complete control of the stand user, who has limited perception of any such objects and the ability to slightly affect them, such as aiming a gun that has been taped to a surface. The range and reliability of this power is reduced if the user sticks multiple objects in such a way, unless they sacrifice excess instances of the stand.

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> not possessing a weapon to surpass Metal Gear
Pic related

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Forgot the pic

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