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Why not both?

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(You) first

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But their hot women can distract the enemy while the kriegs gun em down.

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>You will never have a qt 3.14 Kreiger Waifu

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Thanks. I think she looks like a plauge doctor.
I guess it is good for some people but not for me.

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Will geedubs finally get it's shit together and do something interesting with FoC? New starter box perhaps? Because the whole Battle for Vedros thing completely shit the bed in regards to bringing in new blood.

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>which is reflected in their +1WS on the tabletop.
That's Weapon SKILL, not Strength.
A child could be extremely well trained in the use of a weapon, but not have much strength to put behind their blows.

>Also, there are marked differences between men and women mentally as well, and kriegers need to be able to function at full capacity in some of the most horrific theaters of operations in the galaxy.
And your applying (rather unsupported board study) MODERN psychological concepts to a fictional race of people who have probably been completely genetically re-engineered at least once in their dozens of millennia long history?

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sounds like he wants to play this basically.

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Lasgun Laaaaaaadies.
Eeeh, not really feeling that one.

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If their trenchcoat has a cleavage window, they're a girl.

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You grit your teeth, trying to rid the gray mass from yourself. Groaning in pain as your muscles protest at being used again so forcefully. Your side flares up in pain like an inferno and you could swear something inside snapped,
adrenalin pumps in your veins as you begin to realize the mass is not moving - panic grips you as hidden reserves of energy flares through your body. You're -not- dying here, not like this. Finely, the lumbering arm begins to move an inch,
then another before you finely manage to push it aside enough for your legs to free themselves. Placing a hand over your face you pant, an unwelcome cold assaulting your liberated legs. Getting up takes time, and you slip several times in the mud.

A quick scan of the area around you reveals nothing much, you could barely see more then a few arms lengths in either direction - and while your eyes have become adjusted to the low-light only tree's surround you, and the dark seems to have stolen away all color and form in the world.

Picking up your data slate from the ground you use its tiny green shimmer to shine some brightness into the world.

>What do we do now?

>A:Go North/South/East/West? - You've still got the map with a compass, but no idea where you are.
>B:Screw it, we are waiting here.
>C:Scream for help while walking randomly?
>D:Inspect damage.

>E: Other.

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Kreigers gonna Krieg indeed.

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You feel your tongue rush across your lips, tasting the air around you like some perverted mutant, you feel a pang of reluctance for a moment as you question the decision you are about to make - your body have already endured two of the blast, and its just a silly game right? You could always just.. lie down, pretend to be hit - wait for the teacher to round people up, get sent to the medicaes - perhaps you'll meet Angelina there? It would be nice.. no more of this silly fighting in the mud. Relaxing slightly you feel your data slate slipping from your grasp, and you tighten around it, feeling the harsh interior where the protection around it had failed.


Pushing yourself to the very edge of the cut you wait - listening, despite the odd flowing sound filling your ears you can hear them well enough, not what they are saying - low whispering to one and another, but you sure hear that they are talking. And that they are getting closer, with the black gun in your hand you wait... one breath - two, three. Then you make your move - around the corner you go, swinging around with your good leg, a arm on the wall for support - most of your body hidden behind the wall. The other arm stretched out as you unload, the cracks flow as you spray the corridor down - hosing it with the burning bright fire without a care in the world - these fethers can all burn! Heretics the lot of them! Its not until you notice both boys down on the ground that you lower your arm again... breathing heavily as you peer over their bodies.. unmoving on the ground, smoke billowing from one of them.

That felt good.

>What do we do now?

>Move on, this is not over.
>Head back to "fort".
>Loot "corpses!"


We Khorn now

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You turn your attention towards Angelina, deciding to observe her quickly to try and gather what is suppose to be happening... she's at this time sitting observing the slowly raising curtains, a slight smile on her face as she wobbles her head together with the music. You begin doing the same, it was after all a well known song. The curtains slowly ascend upwards, revealing more and more of the stage for your eyes - not that there appears to be much behind it at all. You notice a wall behind it - its not like the onces around you however - as it appears to be made out of some manner of brown "wood-like" material.

You tune in with the song, quietly for now - singing the tunes as they come "From the lighting, and the tempest.." the song continues onwards as you yourself gather up in strength - you notice Angeline have turned you watch you now, as you continue the singing, it had been awhile - and you catch yourself messing up at least twice before you manage to hit your stride, flowing along the tunes easily as ever, like you'd been singing for hours before this.

Slowly however, the music dies off, and you finish yourself, Angelina looks like she's about to say something when the room is shaken by the sound of a voice calling out from somewhere above in a commanding tone: I welcome you first years, your first day is drawing to a close, but we still have much that needs to be done, but before that - I introduce to you, Lord-Commissar Arkilam the unwavering - whom will lead your entrance ceremony...


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You peer closer on the incoming ship - its hard to see any colors really - the suns glare is stealing most colors away, but you do notice its got some manner of pattern, but it could be just about any color, you'd guess some of it is reddish however, the rest is to pale or shimmering to make out properly, almost like liquid silver.

You wait for a spell, hoping to get a better view on the ship - you do notice that its got a giant arm of some sort on its back however - its tucked low along side its roof but your sure it could be moved, what's that for..?

Also, interestingly enough just before you move you do notice a singular mark on its prow, a skull with some.. things sticking out of its top, curving slightly as they go across the ships prow.



Deciding that its high time to move however - the ship incoming might be here to pick you up.. and you'd rather not lose the flight you've waited for twelve years to catch... how odd really, a sudden twinge of something hits you as you move, your stomach contracting..

You dart across the floor, stirring up the red dust as your heavy boots smash into the floor, the trip back leaves you panting by the time you've reached your destination, your crate appears untouched, luckily.

Peering out into the void, the ship is creeping ever closer but might be a minute or two left.

>What do we do?

>Last moment clean up
>Reaffirm security of crate.
>Fiddle about in childish panic.


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The old man had been working on cognitators - massive bulky machinery hooked up to the servitors skulls, it had been rather cool seeing all those cables screens and massive cooling fans, swinging into a sitting position you stretch your arms in the air, they had been more advanced then anything you'd seen before that is for certain - none of them had that odd thing the public ones had with a ticking thing on the screen that slowed everything down!

It had been slow work, but you'd learned a lot, particular how to use the "overwrite" key thing on the Humanoid-interfacing-instrument, he even gave you a data-slate containing some more information on how cognitators are working - and their history, you never had the opportunity to read it as after John and yourself split up you went straight to bed.

Outside the sounds are increasing, it almost sounds like someone is having an argument, but your not dressed at all, the data slate is also there - your belly rumbles, but you figure that there won't be any breakfast today, besides you've got packing to do.

>What do we do?

>Get dressed, begin to pack our few items
>Get dressed - use uncle Eric "fancy dress"
>Get dressed, check out the noises outside.



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Well in any case here is what i wrote in last thread, will work on this more if people like it.
Maybe a short story of sorts.
In an effort to uncover the technology and secrets beneath the vitae wombs of death korps inquisitor amberley vail infltrates the imperiums own warriors by capturing one of the rare female kriegers and exchanging identities with her during the cnfusion of battle.
The unit she belongs to is on its way to the home planet for for new recruits to bolster its lines and designation of a new commander that died previously.

Unfortunately they are currently stuck in a planet under tyranid invasion . Will she survive it as a lone infantry facing the horrors and make it back to the krieg to learn their secrets?

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Rolled 13


You should have made it a dice roll.

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