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Sup /tg/,

What do you guys think of this?

Worth buying?

Pic related (Games Workshop's Dreadfleet)

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Oh god. I'd probably be getting it if it were coming out two months from now.

Also, I want the old rules for boats in Fantasy to be brought back. Even though scratchbuilding them involves a lot of frustration and getting superglue everywhere, and if there were GW kits for ships, they'd be retardedly expensive (a "small" ship is 4-10", large is 18"+ and medium is obviously the middle ground.)

So the only ships from Dreadfleet that would be reasonable for use in regular Warhammer would be... that little Empire ship in the middle.

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So /tg/ games workshop has released a new game, so you get ten ships a rule book, bits to play the game and scenery for £70.

So you think this will be a hit or not?

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