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"Let us join minds and courage!"

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All Eldar helms are oblong. Warlocks too.

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The experiments I have run with the models I have only include pitting 10 dire avengers against 4 Tyranid Warriors, and the results I got from those dice rolling tests only showed me how potentially amazing the bladestorm rule is.

So I would really appreciate any advice.

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Can someone give me a bit of advice?
I am new to the game side of 40k, though I have collected models for a while now,
I have nids, and both types of eldar, but I am not sure which one I should make into an actually playable army.

I got 1 hive tyrant, that is unassembled, along with a carnifex, that is also unassembled. I have 6 tyranid warriors, 4 of them with devourers, and scything talons, 1 with venom cannon and s-talons, and another with barbed strangler and s-talons. I got 3 raveners with scything talons, rending claws and thorax devourers (I think.) In addition, I got one full brood of gargoyles, a genestealer brood, and small number of termagaunts and hormagaunts.

With the Eldar, I got 2 wraithlords, one of them unassembled, a box of the new wraith guard, 3 old metallic wraith guards, a falcon, 2 dire avenger squads, (one unassembled), 5 warp spiders, 5 striking scorpions, 5 fire dragons, a farseer and 3 warlocks, one eldar jetbike, and a squad of guardians.

Finally, I got one squad of Dark Eldar kabalite warriors, 6 reavers, a ravager and a raider, along with an Archon.

Basically, I would appreciate any advice someone who actually knows how to play the game, on what sort of army I can even make out of the stuff I already got. I don't mind if the army isn't very competitive, as long as it is at least playable. I just want to actually get some use for all my plastic and metallic little men, that have been sitting in the attic for the past 2 years.

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Holy shit Fred Tatasciore was Veldoran? No wonder his voice was so God damn manly.

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I'm a regular unnamed Farseer and I still can't hear you over my base Mastery level of three, Mon'Keigh.

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Hmm, didn't post the picture.

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That drives me fucking insane. Warlocks are supposed to be former aspect warriors that still maintain strong ties to their shrines. And yet, for some fucking reason, warlocks can't join aspects, but fucking SPIRIT SEERS can!? Really brings my piss to a boil.

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What could be some cool artifacts and relics that a Craftworld of Eldar archeologists might have on hand? Can be anything from doomsday weapons to useless trinkets, and they don't necessarily need to be perfectly functional. I'm asking for a game of Rogue Trader.

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Our legends speak of how our ancestors danced on relit ashes; their eyes were pools of Empyrean starlight, which beheld creation and wisdom only privy to gods. The roots of abstract elegance, upon which rested civilization, were saturated by the minds our greatest, they who were walkers of the graceful wheel of seasons passing, as they basked in the triumphant tomorrow that followed the ascendance of grace over primordial void. Illustrious thoughts were the unassailable walls, from within which a billion phoenician firstborn would forget the wastes of possibility. Unmaking's impossibility ushered in our forgetting of the tears that were our inheritance, and the shattering of the splendorous pillars of thought that carried the voices of blood and rebirth.

It is from this that my Craftworld was born. Yes, lord of wraithkin, my Craftworld was beautiful.

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