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The spell lasts long enough for him to leave and lock us in the room. After it wears off, we try to repair the table the best we can.
Meanwhile, the Necromancer goes up to the warlock and tell him, against all odds, that he is the most trustworthy one in the party. He asks that we gather a few scarabs for him.
Then, bam! We're teleported down to the supposed location of the tomb, and the warlock floats down with his levitate spell.

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Well, it's the university nerd club. The players and DMs all show up at the agreed place and time. The DMs present their mission IC, then the players sign up to whichever DM they want to play with that session. Highly random, rarely ever get the same group twice, and you can change DMs whatever game you want.

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>First one we spot in coat closet, Cleric of Pelor freaks out and throws coat on it. I grapple him into my space so that the Warforged Warmage can get a magic missile at it. Hits, injures, it teleports away, 2 big holes in the coat.
>See creature on glass chandelier. Grappling hook it. Suceed on second strength check, but it teleports away. Chandelier comes crashing down, shattered into pieces. Cleric of Pelor sees this. The chandelier was worth 500 gp.

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Sounds like fun.

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That's one thing that's always gotten me.....how exactly does one train your social skills? I understand organic growth (Bluff is learning to show less of the things that tip people off that you're lying, Intimidate is learning how to put on a scarier, harsher, more threatening demeanor, Diplomacy is adopting a softer, calmer, sympathetic and reasonable demeanor) but the SRD makes it sound trained, like the first 4 ranks were from someone teaching you to Intimidate....

I just imagine some Barbarian capturing an enemy, tying him to a post, then telling his kid to go practice Intimidate on him, then yelling at the kid when he does a shitty job of Intimidating. The enemy tries to butt into the conversation, but the dad tells him to STFU and Intimidates him so hard he goes insane. The dad then tells the kid that THAT is how it is done, and he should stay here while he go finds another enemy for him to practice on.

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1) Is a foreign barbarian, doesn't have a clue about local customs. Often fucks up the social scene.
2) Thinks that most if not all male elves are homosexual, and all drow women are into femdom. Again, fucks up social scene.
3) Will often fuck up the social scene AGAIN this time due to old fashioned bad temper combined with chaotic alignment. (flips off lawful characters behind their backs when they get in his way, some of them have Eyes in Back of Head Feat)

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Does anyone remember how much money a level 3 barbarian would start out with in 3.5?

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I was talking 3.5, for the record.

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