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Well, WH40k doing the exact same thing with the Imperium sure doesn't help the confusion any.

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Random as fuck question, since I'm sure you all read far more novels and go over the codexes far more than I do:

Obviously, Imperial Commissars are incredibly well-trained and have an incredibly strict set of rules and regulations to follow. How does that extend as far as personal grooming goes? Do they, like the real world military, have a code regarding their hair length? How about facial hair? Tattoos?

I only ask because every commissar I've ever seen is clean shaven, and I kind of wanted to design one that has either a trimmed goatee, moustache, or a clean beard.

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Commissar hat coming through.

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Forgot pic

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Dark Heresy question.

How do Commissar's function when they get pulled from duty to serve as an acolyte for an inquisitor?

Do they bassically put there commissarial career on hold and mostly focus on their combat and social skills (gotta be able to read people so you get an idea of who is going to desert before they desert) while an acolyte before being released back to their job of blamming for the emperor?

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>Tanith First and Only

No Vitrian Dragoons? Jantine Patricians? Volpine Bluebloods? Come on guys.

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Now for my IG dump

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Not always.

Yup Sahara is the model I'd use if I ever ran a tank-focused game.

That or Kelly's heroes...

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A zoomed in picture of this guy, looking angry and pointing a pistol at the viewer.

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Commissar Gaunt

Has nightmares of his ghosts being slaughtered for naught and their names never making it into imperial history.

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