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Right, it's Legacy/Vintage, not Modern, whoops

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In the same vein...

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Considering this for my enchanress deck.
Do you think this fun would be too unfun to play against?

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More cards like this and the op card? I'm kicking around some ideas for a karona eldrazi deck in my head and fucking with mana production seems nice.

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Threadly reminder to filter and hide Cpt Fagborne posts
Don't give him (You)s, boys

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>that's a nice multicolored deck right there
>would be a shame if something happened to it...

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Not exactly secret, at least not anymore, but I'm the only one in my playgroup that plays a deck with less than 3 colors, this card always causes monstrous assharm.

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This maybe?

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>Green is the strongest overall because it doesn't need support colors to do well- monogreen is in general stronger than monoblue (inb4 "but muh counterspell")
You can also hard-counter monoblue as monogreen with this

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We posting secret tech? Omnath Secret tech, right here

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That's a nice 4 color manabase you got there.
Would be a shame if something...
Happened to it.

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This makes anything multicoloured really hard to cast, although it only really works in a mono green deck.

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