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Honestly I hate both.
Some in between has to exist of models that look female with out looking like strippers.

But yeah. GW females look like men

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Does nobody in the Imperium use war dogs? The Space Wolves use their... Space wolves, but those aren't dogs.
How does the IG seriously have no K9 units?

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/tg/, if the primarchs were all puppers, what kind of pupper would they be?

Starting off with Guilliman as a German Shepard.
>universally recognised
>ubiquitous symbol of the military/police
>totally adequate but nonetheless overrated
>a good boy
>such a good boy

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The Fey Knights are a small, obscure Astartes chapter, claiming to be successors to the Space Wolves, though all documentation to such appears to have been throughly chewed.

Based in the binary planets of Cardigan and Pembroke in the Vallhund system, the Fey Knights specialize in ambush and stealth, often setting up elaborate traps in woodland settings.

As their home worlds possess a great deal of abandoned Eldar tech, they have taken to repurposing it, even to the point of inlaying their armor and weapons with scrimshawed wraithbone.

They also have learned to craft that wraithbone into great warbows, in which all members of the Knights train; though not suited to sustained combat against modern weapons, they are a devastating first-strike weapon, their explosive or poison-tipped arrows capable of punching through hardened armor.

Fey Knight jump packs have a distinctive "rainbow" appearance that often takes the shape of shimmering wings of exhaust.

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What RT rulebooks do I need for the full suite of chargen options?

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The mysterious threat from between the stars was MORE ORKZ!

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Technically it's the toughness of the skin on his hand, otherwise he'd just slip painfully down the rope.

So climbing requires CON!

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squad morale is pretty unbreakable over here.

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>Interesting (.adj): Very dangerous.

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Does anyone have the other pictures that went with this? I only saved the Corgissar one because it was cutest and now I'm regretting it because I can't find the others on Google.

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This upsets Corgi Commissar

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So what 40k books are considered good by /tg/ ?!

I thought Gaunts ghosts was pretty universally liked till now

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OP here. Turns out that one of the FLGS investors backed out, the guy couldn't make a big payment for a new store, so decided to throw in the towel. It got pointed out that if he'd said something everybody would have pitched in, since it's a hugely popular place, but he didn't. I think he was using it as an excuse, which tbh feels a lot like a betrayal. This came out of nowhere.

Shit sucks on a lot of levels.

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Who Imperial Guard here

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Decaying currency, ad-hoc item production from a common resource pile (well, Orks have grots - we can have slave vecs/robots?) and a regurgitating food source.

Can you see it, /tg/?

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