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Uh huh, and Fingolfin?

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Thats because Gandalf is higher level you dumb shit. What next, you going to tell me Gandalf wouldn't get absolutely pasted into the fucking ground by some of the First Age Elven Fighters like Fingolfin? Fuck no. Dead wizards, served with fries.


"Lord of all Noldor, a star in the night
And a bearer of hope
He rides into his glorious battle alone
Farewell to the valiant warlord!"

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Don't YOU remember, when actual HIGH LEVEL FIGHTER Fingolfin marched to Mordor alone, and did EXACTLY FUCKING THAT to Sauron's even stronger Boss?

No? Because that totally happened? Pic related, go fuck yourself.

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Fingolfin was the shit though. You just can't compete with a man who when told "Everything you know is dead. Satan killed them." decides "You know what? I'm going to march straight to his front door in the land of everlasting darkness and kick his ass."


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>>Phaeron Ahmontekh, called in ages past the Crimson Scythe for the blood in which he drenched the sector, is the once and future king of the Suhbekhar Dynasty. The Phaeron was at one time counted amongst the most puissant of warriors and his name was feared across countless thousands of worlds. He fought at the side of the C’tan themselves, and is said to have once struck a blow that slew a god. He bore a warscythe of such potency that it is said to have shattered the planet Maldek into a billion chunks of rock in a single blow, an event which several of the Eldar’s mystic cyclesingers make reference to many aeons later.

>>The last Phaeron of the dynasty— Ahmontekh, called the Crimson Scythe—was a general of great repute. It was Ahmontekh who, according to the Lamentations of Yr, defeated the proud Nuada, beloved of the Old Ones, and who plunged his mighty war-scythe into the hallowed ground of Xoth. As the War in Heaven neared its climax, it was Ahmontekh that breached the Walls of Ib and who was first to pass through the Dolmen Gate on the brink of the Ebon Void. It is said that Ahmontekh defeated beings the ancient Eldar revered as gods, and that even to this day the last of the Old Ones’ progeny hold him in a unique blend of hatred and fear. Yet, of all the legends told of mighty Ahmontekh, none are repeated so often as that of his betrayal at the hand of his cousin Setii of the Charnovokh Dynasty.

-Deathwatch : Outer Reach

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Why not use this instead, murderer?!

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Your lies about previous battles will not suffice to defend you from my righteous fury, dark one!

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The last character you played has to challenge Melkor to a duel in Fingolfin's place. How fucked are you?

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Suppose my group and DM was cool enough they'd go so far as letting me design new races/classes to bring an idea like this to life.

What exactly could a First Age Elf [such as pic related, Fingolfin is best Elf] DO? What were their abilities so I'd know what to give him? LoTR lore isn't my strongest suit.

Also I'm still looking for roleplay ideas for this game if you have any.

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My favorite elf is still Fingolfin. He's a paladin to the end. He thinks his whole army is gone, his people are destroyed and doomed, and what does he do? He rides straight to Mordor, politely asked if Melkor can come out and play, and then cripples the God of Evil for all time so he walks with a limp. Also it inspired this song, and for that I am eternally grateful.


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Suppose I rolled 18, 17, 17, 15, 14, 13 using a high rolling system. If I played a Aasimar Angelkin Paladin [Elf, not human Aasimar], and then took Immortal spark [Final Stats 20/14/17/16/14/20], how close would my First Age Elf paladin be to the average caster after say level, 5. At what point would they supersede me, if at all?

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