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Awaiting consensus.

Having my coffebreak now, tired as balls tonight. Back in ten.

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The roll gods demands more, and I shall provide.
You hoist up your dataslate and begin ticking of the boxes as the machines let them trickle in - you've always had an eye for finding things, but its tedious work - and very monotone, one box - click the slate, another one - click the slate. Your happy you've got it, for you lost count around twenty in your head, its a long work - as it becomes apperant just how many of the blasted boxes needs to be packed - despite the speed the servitors works with, all the four massive tables needs to be emptied. A minute turns into two, into four - into ten, an hour - another hour, there is no signs of the servitors stopping and you think you've might misscalcuated once or twice - missed a crate here and there, but you've get an otherwise mostly stable count.. you just hope the Tech Priest won't be angry if your slightly of the mark.

You've taken to sit on the corner of the massive hatch - getting of your legs feels good, and there is plenty of space for the servitors to move in and out of the hatch, using the small stair leading up to it - its just half a meter of the ground or so. Scratching your cheek you look over the room again - and tap your slate, another box.


>Its now 00:00 GMT+1 - and I need moar coffe to keep running, we're looking at another 2-3 hours of gaming, at the least, possibility of me sleeping then keeping going tomorow morning.

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A sly feeling creeping across your skin you linger for just a moment, you diden't really intend to listen in - I mean, you where just gathering yourself for knocking, nothing wrong with that of course. As you raise your hand to knock - poundering for a moment how to do so without actually knocking in the slightly ajar door you hear the voices from inside more clearly a young sounding girl you don't quite recognise the voice off talking "Then, I got covered in all the food! The electro-men are so useless, can't even serve up food properly!" - moments later - you can make out Angelina replying "Its servitor - remember that, if the teacher hears you use native slang he might punish you, you know that right Juliet?" "Yes yes, its not like there is anyone standing outside the door!"

You knock at the door at that, calling out to your friend.

"Oh, schulte! Come in, did you get the slate in order already? Need those notes from the lessons?" stepping inside you are meet by a very similar sight to your own dorm, actually - its almost identical, two beds, the same picture of a man on the wall in the corridor, the same black boxes on the dressers next to the bed serving as an alarm. Stepping inside, your heavy iron boots hitting the floor with a low muffled thud each time you take a step, as if heralding your approch to any that would listen. "Yes, but I've got to help him out two days from now moving things.." you say.

"Really? Don't they do things like that for free..?" Angelina answers. Stepping into the room proper you are greeted with the familiar sight of Angelina standing up over by the windows - and a younger looking girl sitting on the bed, looking at you wide eyed, brushing hand through your short-cut red hair you smile before beginning to recount the tails of the trip to the Adept...

>And its now 23:09 - and Commissar is in very great need of Coffee, so I'll be taking a short 10 minute break.

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"I, uh, I'll tell you later." You say, hunkering down in your seat slightly as if trying to get away from prying eyes, deciding it be best if you just look straight ahead - you can hear a murmor go through the crowd of people as you feel your cheeks go hot. Angelina seems a bit unsatified as she raises an eyebrown "It was just instinct really - I'll tell you about it later!" Geeze, why are planet borns all so inqusisitive, its not like you wanted the shoot the guy, you sorta just, did. But, perhaps with this Nikkobar will finely lay of your behind for a few damned seconds. Your friend sights, seemingly accepting this explenation for now - but you've got a feeling she'll be grilling you for details later, which is fine you guess - she's alright for a moldy planet born. Its the others that are the issue. The small talk is cut short however as a large heavy set man enters the classroom carrying a data-slate. He pays the class no heed while walking up to the blackbord.

Your math class begins.

>And with that, Commissar will have his quick coffee break. We'll be back in 10-15 minutes.
>Really glad to be back by the way - happy there's still people around that would read my quest.


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We still need one more, one of them is technically for the "other" option, while I await consus I'll be having a short break to prep for a bit of a longer session, seeing as we are pushing past 00.00 GMT+1

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"I just talked to Laks twin brother. He's like Lak but also not. We could call him not-Lak I guess. He doesn't seem that bad. What's going on here?" you state, while leaning on your heals and craning your neck trying to watch above the crowd casually. "Nothing much, a teacher showed up and told us to wait.. no clue what we are doing yet, but we'll see no doubt" Angelina says with a dismissive tone seemingly at the moment somewhat preoccupied with sorting out her jacket "It's always like this isn't it? Wait here, stand there - its like we are cattle sometimes.."

"Really?" you remark "It was always like this on the ships.. not being efficient and where you are suppose to be makes the emperor sad!" you response with an affirmative nod - remembering your Aunts favorite saying when-ever you'd ask to get to stay up a bit more to read, or skip a menial task in favor of something fun. She looks at you with a raised eyebrow but then shrugs and smiles "Well at least you tried to talk to them - that is good" she says "Yes, I tried to take your advice to make peace with Lak and his twin, his brother is not that bad.. guess if Lak says sorry I'll forgive him"

"That's good - you ne-" you never got to hear what she wanted to say as the crowd suddenly snaps to attention as a car.. or well - it sort off looks like a car from the ships but, bigger - and more bulky, and it seem parted in several sections or something - a tower or something standing on top of it. Still, its fast as it slides to a halt in front of you - its rear suddenly opening only moments later, just like the back of the ship that came to get you from the voidship.. several large men steps out - clad like the rough looking men from before in uniforms - they reminded you of the Void-Guard but seemed.. more .. sturdier, and dirty - their heads hidden behind their helmets visors, lead by a man with a red cap.

"I am Commissar Rim, welcome to your first Practical."

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