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>Shut your filthy mouth. That's going to end in every chapter that views Rowboat as their spiritual liege coming out to help Papa Smurf and Ultramarines count as 60% of all Space Marines.


They are busy trying to stop Abaddon from marching his way to Terra. No one can help the Ultramarines except the Eldar and Tau.

Not really.

The White Scar's best guy is on the other side of the galaxy with his company. He swore he isn't gonna leave the Second Damocles Crusade until he kills Shadowsun.

So the White Scars are unmanned and facing the full might of the Maelstorm.

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>Doom Rider

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This guy managed to figure out Shadowsun's gender while she was helmeted. The way he did it was odd.

He examined her movements and saw that she moved in a feminine way. That part of the novel confused me a little because it kinda implies that femininity is universal or something.

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