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Lol OP is a Christian.

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can i get some hydras pics pls

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well tat /tg for you. ask about stargate and get a great crusade.

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ohhhh so dark

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>The other way around actually.

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>"Horus Hersey"
>mfw I read it as "Horus Hershey"
I remember when they first invented Heresy...sweet, sweet Heresy...I ALWAYS HATED IT

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>he has bits of dried haggis on his clothes from when he eats

>imply he wastes good haggis

Heresy! Then again I'm welsh and pollack so I eat some weird shit.

I friend of mine showed me this. http://www.vavatch.co.uk/books/banks/cultnote.htm

Unfortunately Banks cannot into physics. A pulse propulsion drive has 10 times more specific impulse than a confined drive using the same fuel medium like his space colonies would have, at the cost of 15% lower deltaV. Also space colonies need reaction mass for their reaction engine and fuel, which they are not likely to have a a lot of on hand. And since it is a colony rather than a military ship, most of it's mass isn't going to be engine. Unlike a military vessel.

Basically what I am saying is that is premise that factions can just break away and escape from empires in space with relativistic engines is bullshit. Physics says so.

It's a problem lots of scifi writes have. They want a certain setting or dominant political ideology to be dominant so that make the universe work that way by author fiat. This itself really wouldn't be a problem. But certain authors, Banks included, than act like this is an actual argument for their preferred ideology IRL. Which it ain't.

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>first pic has Xenos and undead
>2nd is a female imperium character of some sort
Might be able to pull myself out of the frying pan
>More xenos
>Scarlet Crusade
Close enough to SoB to gain brownie points?
>Actual SoB stuff
Hopefully doing better now
>Cultist Chan

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Okay /tg/, sometime last night the Rites of Heresy charts were posted. I propose that we use these charts to create a new Chaos Space Marine Chapter/Warband, so why don't we get started?

Roll d10 to see if we're a Chapter, or a Traitor Legion Warband.

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>you can no longer see a simple "Hershey" bar.

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Then you'll need to go digging, as 3.5 is no longer officially in production. Alternatively you could try Pathfinder, which is a streamlined version of 3.5, or a fair number of other D20's which are likewise based.

3.5 sourcebooks are going to be hard to come by unless they're used, so you'll be buying from second-hand shelfs or online from amazon and e-bay.

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You. Yes, you. Get out. This shit will not fly. Use an image macro, or use words, but not this retarded shit.

It's an image board. Not a smiley board.

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This thread, and how seriously it's being taken, fills me with lethargic rage and disappointment. Really /tg/? Female Marines just because? It's like you're a bunch of art-nouveau artists.

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So what would the economy be like for a Necromantic Society that say...

buys corpses.

Family in poverty? Wanna get something out of a deadbeat relative? Or maybe you just need a little extra cash and you're not hung up on morals regarding dead bodies.

Either way, a "good" Necromantic society that utilizes Necromancers to run endless Zombie Slaves. I mean, slave labor that doesn't eat, doesn't sleep, just keeps working... A society that bases their economy off of such labor could make endless amounts of money even if they payed a hefty sum per corpse.

......now I'm imagining a rich Necropolitic Society dominating the world through economics instead of zombie invasion.....

brb, writing campaign.

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the best webcomic ever is 8-bit theather.

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Well /tg/, you tell epiople to thin their paints, and I can see why. But I've always wondered, how does one do it?

I remember asking Scriptarius once and he told me a few ways, one of them being to put some water in the pots. Does this work or is there a better "lazy ,ams" way?

Pic somewhat related since someone might think waters in pots is heresy.

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>Adult RP Group seeks DM

>Group seeking someone willing to play the role of the characters his characters have sex with.
>Corollary 1: seeking someone to play the role of the character his imaginary persona has sex with while he faps.

OP is looking for someone willing to cyber with him and his friends.
And then he wonders why there are no takers.

>witnesses rohning

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And the only reason you have any of that is because of Tzeentch, so enjoy your life of delicious, delicious HERESY

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/tg/ humor thread

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