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>GM'ing for two couples + couple of single guys.
>Flirting between chars and Char/NPC's happens all the time, regardless of IRL situation.
>Worst "offenders" are the two women who often play flirty chars.

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Greetings, /tg/entleman. It has been too long since I last spoke to you all, over 3 weeks ago. Its been even longer since I've posted anything truly lewd, and I can only apologise. Lich's Labour Lost will continue, and I will provide the Lewd promised, but I fear you will all have to wait at least one more day.

Regrettably, I have been varying types of busy/distracted the past few weeks. I'd also been suffering severe Writer's block, a condition id always thought was a madeup excuse for laziness, but can apparently actually happen. But fear not! The muse is back, and the lewd will again flow. Lich's Labour Lost will probably not continue for a little bit, since I feel I have not provided you all with enough direct-fap material in a while, and I need to get back in the swing of things.

The Firefly Elf-World thing is still batting around in my head, and I'm worrying that, this many months on, this much wasted time, wether if, if i finally delivered it, anyone would much care. I feel I owe the smut community something for my long absence, and I hate makign content-less updates, especially if im namefagging to do so.

So I ask the community at large. Is there still interest in a Firefly Elf-World fetish fic? Is there also interest in seeing my Lich sex/com thing continue? Or are there other projects I should turn my hand to? Should I just stop beating around the bush and write more drow/40k fapfic?

Let me know your thoughts, /tg/.

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Excuse me, did someone say big cocked shotas?

I would like to acquire some for research purposes.

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Greetings, fellow Lewdanons.

I bring you christmas tidings. Either tonight or tomorrow night my Firefly/Elf-World fapfic should be ready for posting. However, I am a greedy writefag and desire more punishment. As an early/late christmas present I'm happy to write another up-to-4000 words fapfic to spec(usual limitations applied), either to the first/best drawfag to do some epic Seeding Midnight fan-art, or to the lewdanon who produces the most...interesting request, as judged by you, the lewdanon community. If we get both then, the masochist I am, I will write -both- requests, to a maximum total of 8000 words between the two. Both will be finished by the end of next week or the end of the year, depending on how things go.

Apologies if this sounds a bit convoluted or lame, but I felt since it was christmas and all it would be fun to try and shake things up a bit.

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I don't even...

Thanks anyway.

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>How long does it take 500 of the Greatest of All Space Marines to burn down a crownworld? According to Kelly, a handful of hours.

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Considering... what?

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>Before Craftworlds existed, Eldars were just pirates

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Is OP just getting into RPG's now?

If thats the case maybe we should help them find interest and easy access before telling them to buy anything.

I played RPG's for a few weeks before I threw in any money.

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I'm sure that's you bro. Where have you been?

I thought you died. I still have the pictures from the various scenes from my fap fics. Is work still busy for you?

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I have every single buyable Premium Tank in World of Tanks. I converted 1.2 million XP to Free XP and have spent loads on it. I got my FV215b 183mm. So I am happy. I don't play it much due to health, but it's fun.

It's brilliant. People will come into the game as Orks. Since most people won't pay, it means lots of Orks. Meaning premium players will get swamped. I'll happily buy all the premium stuff, but Eldar seem the choice for me as Dark Angels are not that great for me.

Macha is feeling strange.

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W-what happens when you run out of hit points?

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Don't want to.

I'm not trying to kill my players.
I'm trying to lessen the amount of opposed rolls per action.

No more attackVSdefense -> damageVSresistance

I just want Attack -> Damage.
And the rules 40th edition gives me pretty much makes certain weapons useless.

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Lewd Anon fan art.

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Quick Question:

is this to the death or do they have EMT/clerics on stand by?

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Seeing as it's written on 1d4chan.... But, I don't particularly care, the guy made a post, I replied. Simples. Squeak.

Was that to me? Cause.... I dunno if the boyfriend-free girls thing is relevant... It is 3:52 though, so who knows.

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Or an elf substitute...

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Hey guys, as you know, myself and Just Another Writefag (RAW) have been writing fics based on the requests of the people in the thread. Why RAW writes his stories using the comment system, I write using a word processor and upload to Pastebin. Pastebin is terrible, but it's the best I can do.

So, for those who wish to know, I will link my entire fic list:

Title: Training in Paradise
Genre: Lesbian/Yuri, Anal, Cunnilingus, Masturbation
My Notes: Part 2 is Masturbation and back story. Two Sisters of Battle releive sexual tension, was supposed to be a long story, got held up.
Link: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Training_in_Paradise

Title: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
Genre: Macha, Forced, Anal
My Words: By 'forced' I mean starts off as rape and turns consensual. Macha gets laid, finally, by a Callidus Assassin morphed as a man.
Link: http://pastebin.com/7MaCdPZu

Title: Desperate Measures
Genre: Straight, Lesbian, Anal, Vaginal, Threesome, Tentcal Rape
My Word: Idranel and Caerys turn themselves into Dark Eldar to have some fun in Commorragh
Link: http://pastebin.com/Bs7ULwN5

Title: It's Not All Death And Destruction
Genre: Straight, Vaginal
My Words: Blood Angel apothecary saves a group of IG and SoB. The Hospitaler takes a sudden interest in Space Marine physiology.
Link: http://pastebin.com/2n0dWUd6

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