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I'd be remiss if I didn't post my own shitty game, which fits your specifications.

Engine Heart is a simple d10 pool system for playing service robots tooling around after the extinction of mankind.


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$18 for a color copy, $8 for the black and white Economy Model Edition.

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Hello again /tg/


As the topic says, Engine Heart is back in print, thanks to /tg/. Three people bought copies the first day I put it up, before the hard light of 4chan illuminated all its defects. I took it down all week to iron the bugs out, and I'm happy with the result.

A print copy is eighteen bucks, but /tg/ gets the upgraded pdf for free, since it was instrumental in making it in the first place.

The wiki has the full list of download links, but if you trust links on 4chan you can download it here:


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Published gamebook soon, fellow channer.

Yes, that is really the book's ISBN and barcode.

This is all getting very surreal.

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