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THIS. I WAS ABOUT TO SUGGEST THIS. FUND THIS. CAPTAIN DRONE IS A GO. Also, it should have those nifty nose+mustache+glasses disguise things, to make it look goofy instead of Uncanny Valley.

Also, I have a new ORDER: NOW THIS IS DRONE-RACING. We certainly need to give our people some downtime, but the last thing we want is to give them time to brood too much. The one blessing of constant work is keeping their mind of darker thoughts.

Thus, I propose a theme party: DRONE RACING. Every contestant will be given control of a hoverdrone, which they must decorate with their own "colors." Then, (using vidscreens and manual controls,) they've got to race them around a track in the main cargo bay that we ourselves will construct and populate with appropriate hazards.

The winner gets to address the Captain by any pet name they choose for the next month.

Yes. we'll give them some personal time before this (enough for them to all collapse and sleep,) so they're rested for the party, and afterwards they'll get some personal time where they can do anything they want.

Additional ORDER: Ask the Doctor to see Parsons about some sleep aids. Perhaps even have the Doc SLIP Parsons some sleep aids on a pretense.

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>Party time.

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