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anyone who says sword and sorcery is EXCELUSIVELY barbarians in loincloths is retarded
a lot of generic medieval fantasy due to basically due to LOTR focuses on a band of adventurers saving the world from an evil bad guy or a dark lord or whatever
Sword and sorcery characters are usually more amoral and self interested (although not always) and stories are always low scale. A thief looting a building, a warrior fleeing from bounty hunters, a guy raiding a tomb. At most you'll have a story that focuses on the fate of a few nations. they focus on one or two characters, four at most really, you'll not have sword and sorcery tales with a band of seven characters.
sword and sorcery stories are basically classic swashbuckling adventure tales told in a more primitive or medieval setting, whereas high fantasy is more akin to a historical saga or epic

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Good taste

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>Why do you insist that playing as fetish fuel tittymonsters is creative?
I don't think he was even arguing for that.

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