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I like it. I'll have to rewatch/read that to pick up on nuances.
> Have THE COOLEST TIE EVER for your tips.

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Shit, I'll just take the whole bottom row and spend the rest on force clairvoyance. Combine that with my new, increased thinking and reaction speed, I'll be the wittiest guy on the block.
Or I scrap the free wifi and instead take teleportation. It seems kind of redundant, but the sonic speed combined with teleportation will let me get the lay of places faster and then teleport to it again later.
Gemini. Duplicate food, fresh water, endangered animals, etc. and help the world!
Virtuous Spirit and Perfect Body. I'm a simple man of simple desires, I don't need to be a superman, just a good one. Andpreferrably healthy.
Chore Charm. Get all the little things out of the way.
Six health potions. My kung fu master has alzheimer's, my best friend has quite a few health issues herself, and I know other people who could use help to. But I will try to keep one or two, just in case.
Golem. I will learn alchemy and try to teach it to others. With artificing, magic, alchemy, and science, we will begin a new era!
Year 1998, United States, blessing of Alexander. Move the fuck over Dubya and Nobama, I made the mistake of voting for each of you before, now I run things.
>I will be the first president in a long time to sport a beard

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I sure am gonna hit the thrift stores
>poor man
well, let's put it like this. I'm not buying a coat that I use only for this larp for 1000monies

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