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I was thinking more the spy network/info brokering, whores have a long and distinguished history as spies. After a good lay people get awfully talkative for some reason. Maybe put a bar in there as well, the mix of booze and sex should loosen lips pretty damn effectively.

But yes, traps are always a good idea for any home base. Maybe with magic or the admin settings we can set them to only trigger on hostiles or people we don't know. With enough dosh and time we could possibly make our own instance for people to go into.

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Hello friends, i'm interested in trying out some d20 Modern and d20 Past. I've only played D&D and had all the books given to me by my group, could someone help me out with getting the books? It would be greatly appreciated.

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This is how I use my loot.

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So /tg/ does your group have any group memes? You know things only your group would understand or find funny. Here are a few I can list off the top of my head.
>Orc Mona Lisa
>Always go left
>Phase Space
>Don't fuck with ghosts
>Always take the shot

pic unrelated

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>Option [2]

No harm in calling the boss and telling him whats up.

"Mr. Davisson, it's Nicholas Voronov."
"Nicky! What the hell are you still doing at the office?"
"I have some weird paperwork, normally I would flag it out right, but I am not authorized overtime unless you.."
"Yeah, Yeah. What it is it and when do they need it authorized by?"
"Well, it's not needed until late next week. It's just that, these kids almost look unreal, and one of these references on here is raising red flags everywhere I mean, they all have the same reference listed, and he is almost twice their age. Then, there is the the whole fact that they are 21 and have DoE Q clearances and Full Scopes going on with strange codewords, and there are not any erro-"
"Look, if it's so convoluted that you think you need to do immediately, fine do it. I didn't hire you because of your good looks, I hired you because nothing escapes your gaze. Follow it up, if it looks bad to you, then I sure as hell don't want to just wantonly move them up. I am authorizing you whatever time you need, so long as you get it done by Monday, I will call pam and clear it with her."
"Thank you Sir."
"Thank me by don't calling me again this weekend unless it's an emergency. I have things and people to do!"
"Sir, can you please stop calling Nicky?"
"When you stop calling me Mr. Davisson. Out here."

You forgot how laid back Mr. Davisson was. That's a good thing here, at least for now. He authorized all the overtime you need until Monday to look into this.

So what do we do?
>[] Research Doctor West. Find out more about this guy and what he is doing with this.
>[] Call the investigator in charge of this. They might know what's going on.
>[] Call up the issuing officer, normally it's expected for you to do anyway and they might have an idea of what's going on
>[] Research their hometown and some of their references.
>[] Write in or combination

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I decided to try something different and play a Monk, a Tengu to be specific, and the idea I had for him was that he valued the acquisition of wealth and possessions.

Somewhat born out of hearing way too many people say "money can't buy happiness."
But thing is that it's pretty damn hard to be happy if you can't afford things like food and the like.

And the region we'll be starting in has, to name a few, "Wide spread slavery, debtors prisons, and religious nuttery."

And to fix things, his beliefs lead him to act according to the Golden Rule.

As in: He who has the gold, makes the rules.

Meaning he even more determinedly seeks new wealth to change things for the better.

Unfortunately, that's as far as I've gotten and my brain has been utterly refusing to cooperate on all tasks creative for the last week. So I'm turning here, hoping for a kickstart.

Thoughts, comments, criticisms?

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Cheatbag is in the back of one of our vans, checking out the astral plane. (his go to). I proceed to climb into the driver's seat and drive off. His brother and Cheatbag instantly become unglued. I'm trying to choke back a snicker. Cheatbag begins shouting what he is doing in machine gun fashion. Calling his spirit, finding his body, etc, etc, etc. His brother tells me my character is going to die. I shrug, say that it's only his second run, that I'm not exactly attached. THe DM interrupts cheatbag as he is flipping madly through his rulebook and sectioning out dice and states "Well...you can't find your body, and this effectively takes you and Badmug out of this scene". Mission accomplished. The other four players get to cooperate, roleplay, and take down the target. I returned myself and the body of the adept I had hijacked (and nearly killed, a soul lost in the astral plane takes damage until they can find their body). The adept had located his body roughly about the time I returned to the location of the snatch and grab. With the target and his mistress in tow, I was then promptly beat up and stunned by the mage and his brother (lol) in the parking lot, in broad day light. The GM fast forwarded the scene because we were almost an hour over our time limit, and then the party went to go collect the earnings for the mission success while leaving my body in the safe house. My girlfriend in character sold off some of the bonus loot I would have gotten to repair the window on her van, and the game wrapped up kinda nicely.

On one hand, I feel dirty for becoming "That Guy". On the other, Cheatbag was bogging the game down, and effectively removing him from the longest scene increased the fun (visibly) for everyone at the table. They began to laugh, smile, cooperate, plan, listen to one another, and role play their characters.

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to the victor go the spoils

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People can just play whatever they want, dude. If people want to play guys, they'll just do it anyway... have you ever played a game of mburst?

There's no reason to limit the setting that way, seriously.

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So if I go 5 levels of Warblade...I'm getting an increased chance for criticals and...some useless fighting maneuvers that don't do anything related to throwing things?

Why is this better than 5 levels of fighter where I'll get 5 feats?

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But it's all in jest my good sir. We aren't really egotistic, we don't think ourselves better than anyone. But at the same time, this pretty much is the most chill and laid back board here. It's hard to really troll us, we discuss things seriously that would have sent most into a shitposting trollfest, and we stay on topic pretty consistently. I swear the average age for this board has to be somewhere north of 23 due to maturity...

>also I think pic has got it down.

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However since contact we have seen a massive increase in what humans call "adventurers" of various types. Many criminal, many not. The advent of the "bounty hunter" who sixteen keks ago did not exist even as a concept within the galactic justice system but is now widely used to bring dangerous criminals to justice.

So is there simply a segment of humanity who pursue this lifestyle? An examination of human society and culture says no. At least not outside of fiction which in itself is baffling as humans seem to despise this manner of individual from a cultural standpoint yet dedicate massive amounts of literature and entertainment time towards depicting them.

It is this humble researchers theory that the only thing holding humanity back is human society. At some point their society took to repressing what for humans are their natural tendencies. The humans seek to conquer new horizons and see new things all while engaging in a lifestyle that could be described as "dangerous", "reckless" but also as "exciting" and "Worthwhile".

I would suspect this is not a coincidence and is the product of someones conscious decision. Especially judging by historic records of Earths ancient history which seem dominated with leaders who behaved more like the humans famous in the assembly regions.

Unfortunately this means we find ourselves in a dangerous situation. While it can not be denied that humans have saved the assembly on at least five occasions we have to accept the very real possibility of the humans measures to control themselves failing as they begin to spread out into the universe outside the reach of a culture designed to make them quiet and docile. This may also be our only opportunity to get the majority of them in one place. Such decisions however are entirely yours oh esteemed sophonts of the assembly.

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>Didn't take my 40k stuff to university because I didn't think I'd meet anyone that played
> Practically ALL of the people I became good friends with played, but I didn't know it until they saw me playing Dawn of War and were like "Hey,.I play warhammer!"
>MFW some of these guys are in frats and on the football team. Fuck, even a hot girl that I met plays.
>Needless to say, grabbed that stuff when I was home over Thanksgiving
>We are resuscitating a dying wargaming club and gaining new members weekly since last winter.

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Udz is correct, I never really left. I've just been hanging out in the IRC with Exabyte.

I like that picture though.

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Stop being sad.

[spoilersworkontg]Stop it.

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Pic related.

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You're a gentleman and a scholar, OP.

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Rewrite the Warhammer 40k fluff, for whatever races, to be better and cover up some of the more glaring plot holes.

Feel free to retcon, fire writers, or delegate tasks to existing ones. No new hiring.

Review existing GW policies and guidelines for competitions and store rules.

Finally, you should have a business model for the next decade or so with what armies get what focus, what scenery will be made and released, etc.

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/tg/, today is my birthday. What single miniature (any company, any system, although I play 40K Imperial Guard and WMH Menoth) should I treat myself to?

Pic related, it's going to be my party tonight. Bitches and booze, ale and whores.

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Then where is the ingenuity, the drive to get up in the morning and go to work, if you could just magic it all together. I know one thing: magic cannot make a good brew, and I don't remember there being any spell to summon whores.

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You'd think this'd be posted already.

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