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>It remains a sad truth of the Imperium that virtually no veteran ever comes back from fighting its wars intact. Combat alone shreds nerves and shatters bodies. But the horrors of the warp, and of foul xenos forms like the tyranid, steal sanity forever, and leave veterans fearing the shadows, and the night and, sometimes, the nature of their friends and neighbours, for the rest of their lives.
From Eisenhorn

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We would be the Commanding Officer. This is our Moment of Glory, we cannot shirk from this! We have a chance to establish a reputation here, one of Daring, Leading from the Front, and Good Leadership.

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Well, I've started setting up Dark Heresy for the first time, and two of my friends have set up character sheets. I'm wondering if you guys could point me in the direction of some videos or stories about good GMs, as I will be my group's GM for a few games at least, and I'd like to have some skilled ones to learn from at first. Also, general Dark Heresy thread.

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now in yellow.

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So you want an animated version of Daemonifuge?

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Thank the Emperor we're a fleet based chapter. They'll never find us in time.

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Oh really, nothing you say?

First lets get this out of the way, Nuclear Pulse Propulsion can get us to the stars at a maximum velocity of 0.1C assuming that you have to decelerate again, if not you can reach 0.15C which will be important for latter. Also we will assume that there is no faster than light travel. Because that would open up another can of beans since humanity could convert an amount of mass equal to the observable universe into human flesh in 6,000 years if the 1994 population growth rate could be maintained. And it could be maintain if the superluminal travel would allow humans to access new resources fast enough.

So assuming that you could send out self replicating probes that would travel at an average velocity of 0.1C and that it would take each probe 100 years to make a 100 copies of itself each time that they entered a new stellar system, you could still visit every stellar in the Milky Way in under 1 million years. If theses probes carried humans or mechanized human descendants then our civilization could also spread as quickly.

If you programmed these probes to seek out life bearing exoplanets and crash into them an top speed, which for nuclear pulse propulsion is .15C if you burn all the fuel and don't plan on decelerating, you could purge all the life bearing planets in the galaxy and keep yourself safe from aliens forever. And if you programmed those same probes to accelerate toward any repeating, terminating radio signal and crash into the source body you could all target intelligent species. For that matter you could have them detonate there bomb stockpile before impact to scatter relativistic shrapnel cones at space habitats.

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I wouldn't mind a nice series of desktops just featuring some of the best one-off phrases from 40k.

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Hi /tg/.

How shall we make an Ogryn for a character of mine/campaign NPC's? Dark Heresy/Ascension, if they make it that far.

I'm thinking:
Hideous Strength (Unnatural Strength x2 Modifier)
Corpulent (+5 Wounds, Unnatural Toughness x2 Modifier)

Feels No Pain (+1 Wound)
Brute (+10 Strength, +10 Toughness, -10 Agility)
Tough Hide (+1 Natural Armor)

Guardsman, and I'd recommend he'd go the Storm Trooper path or explicitly say he can only take that path. Any ideas, friends?

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