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Still boggles my mind how the protectors of the city, those who offer sanctuary to any magic users, are completely ok with hired killers who are on assignment in the city to wander around killing people.

So we're chillin in the magic shop, waiting for the spell to finish, when CK and AB come back and grab the hippie. They ask her for help with their target. She says sure, what do they need her to do?

"We need you to distract him with your feminine wiles so we can kill him."
"But in return you help me get that stone the guy has."
>double wat
"Ok, sure. I've been planning on killing him anyway."
>Woah, hold on, first off how is the hippie who begged and cried for the city to take the imminent attack seriously because the thought of people dying was too much for her, how is that woman ok with helping to murder someone? And how does she even know I have the artifact? I've never taken it out of my pocket.
It actually just occurred to me, even CK shouldn't have known I had it. I mean sure, he was with us when we retrieved it but we had no idea what it did until I went to our resident good lich and he helped me figure it out. So, yeah. Meta as fuck, right?
"Hey, you're not part of this conversation. Quit meta-gaming."
>I'm pointing out how I'm being metaed against, and that's where to draw the line?
"Guess we'll take this to a private room. Be right back."

We'd been using a voice system that allowed you to create individual rooms in the channel, and they went to a private one to continue that mess. So the three of them leave, murder the shit out of some old shop-keep, and come back. The portal's ready now! Go figure! So we're getting ready to go, when CK speaks up.

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Ah. I've always found the best way to combat IC shenanigans without sounding like a whiny bitch is to handle it IC. Even if your guy is a coward, his character is acting decidedly ooc so you're allowed a pass to not be a coward for this.
"Why the fuck are you so against me? I've done nothing wrong to you, quit being an asshole."
>"Shitty reasoning"

Then you give everyone at the table [pic related] expression.

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I suppose it could turn out like that if OP's petty, but apparently she does enough non-petty stuff to make it viable. I don't consider browsing fb and cheating petty, do you?

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