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This seems like it would be a good choice.

Necron Tomb Stalker from forgeworld.

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Bit rich coming from the guys who think 'a big bug' is a good vehicle

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Model Size Comparison

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who actually has one of these fags?
i seen their rules but i don't exactly know how they play on the field

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i wonder if the tombstalker will get an entry. even though they are a shit model with few uses.

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Begin intro-ing the Outsider's and Void Dragon armies for one thing, fewer normal warriors, more 'ohgod it looks like a Precambrian arthropod made of necrodermis and Gauss' (pic related) and 'why did Techpreist bob#1342 just turn and blow away half our regiment, we need fire support, where's the goddamn tanks... oh no..... oh god Emperror NOOOOo!" *-runch*

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lets all talk about this unit now. as a new member of the playable necron club.

i hate it, its practicability is limited and i wish it had either toughness 8 or drop it down to a toughness 6 and give it some kind of invuln save, even if it was a 5+

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Yo dawgs we heard you like monstrous creatures without eternal warrior. so we decided to give you one.


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So with a new FW model designed to be Codex-legal, will Necrons definitely be the next army to receive a Codex update after Dark Eldar? Or was it already that obvious anyway?

Also upcoming 40k rumours general.

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How about some Necron Rumors?


Release Date

They will be released during 2011. Most likely Summer 2011.

Rules & Codex

- Written by Matt Ward
- Complete overhaul of rules
- Much more "Immortal" theme, less "Terminator" ([email protected] says: I took this to mean more organic based and asked, and was told "no, not organic, they will still be undying machines")
- WBB (at least as we know it) is out. It will be changed or replaced by FNP
- Phase out has been changed, possibly working for individual units instead of whole army
- There will be several types of Lords. With different wargear options and special rules
- Gauss weapons rules will be changed, possibly to rending
- The forces are going to change in the FOC a bit
- Flayed ones will have new rules changes but no new model
- Warriors will become one of the more all-around usefull troops
- Whole army will benefit from Stubborn universal rule
- "psychic power" -type upgrades for some units. These are actually "tech upgrades" with the same or similar rules as psychic powers.


Multi part plastic kits:
- Immortals. Immortals are on a large base; they are redesigned as larger, bulkier and more dynamic.
- Spyders. Spyders have 3 different builds on 60mm base.

Pic Related

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Tell me something /tg/

I was looking at the new GW stuff and I wondered something. The quality is pretty good, but still is not up to par with other things, let say these japanese PVC figures.

And there are new ones released all the time. Why it is that these japanese companies can keep a flow of good stuff but miniature companies rarely show new stuff when the quality is less?

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I think I need a new part of underwear.

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