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Have some poorly photographed Arbites

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Nah, not the whole gun. Here are some Arbites I did as an example, and I used the guns in a similar way to what I'm suggesting to bring in a contrasting colour to complement the scheme.

I'd be tempted to do the same sections in black on your figures that I did with the hazard stripes.

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My arbites - a couple of actual figures, then a couple converted out of marine scouts, with IG flamers trimmed down for their shotguns.

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What's your current project, /tg/?

Couldn't find a thread of the sort on the first half dozen pages, so here we are.

I'm starting an Arbites army in 40k, as you can probably see. Leaning towards GK Henchmen atm, rules-wise, but there are also upsides to IG Vets and to SM Scouts, so I guess we'll see what happens.

I'm trying to decide on bases for them, I might get a little fancy - I have a thought to use gridden plasticard to raise areas of the bases to look like street curbs with slabs of concrete, then filling in all the corners and edges with sand and doing it up as like a desert world city with dust blowing in and covering everything. But that's gonna be hell by like figure 50, so we'll see I suppose.

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