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Nephilim from Fragged Empire are like tyranids or zerg without the hive mind.
>Created as someone's personal army to wage a war of extermination
>massive biotech and permutations; anything from a bullet to a spaceship can be "a nephilim" and technically the same species
>not above using inorganic tech for fiddly bits

>made exclusively to fight and win a war that destroyed civilization; did so
>creator immediately runs out for a pack of cigarettes and never comes back
>having destroyed galactic civilization, and having no civilization of their own beyond fightan' and killan' and doing what creator tells them to, they collapse too

>spend a century degenerating into feral monsters, interbreeding and mixing/ruining all various carefully designed purpose-built organism types
>one fleet admiral decides, fuck it, I'm throwing in with the guys we fought, they seem to have a better idea of how this "existing" thing works when you aren't fighting
>orders his forces to stand down, start cooperating/assisting/integrating with the species willing to ally them
>still don't really have any culture beyond survival of the fittest, improving your own genome by yoinking choice bits out of other life forms, and being smacked around by those with more power than you
>"Gee, those other races still don't really like us and mistrust us, let's try designing a subspecies of monstergirl emissaries to help get them comfortable to working with/interacting with us." ||entire species is hermaphrodites though||

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The setting is fantastic, the rules are horrible.
Personally I would try running it in something else.

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Nephillim are where it's at

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