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>some gay book of personal problems

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>moral relativists are vegans
Hoo boy

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This isnt even an eld thread. Nice retard display subterranean human.

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I love this, it never fails to make the Imperium larping fags who will die before they stop spewing die xenos scum xdddd shit everywhere seethe immensely

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What is it about Elves that make everyone else so salty?

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It's funny because it's true

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inb4 rest of the party has to apologize and he decides to double down if he's allowed to be present

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I know! Try 10 + Dex + Int

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Dont mind me, just bring my quandary back to the bottom of the thread

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>Petronilla de Grandmesnil, Countess of Leicester (c. 1145 – 1212) was the wife of Robert de Beaumont, 3rd Earl of Leicester, known as "Blanchmains" (d. 1190).

>During the final showdown, she is said to have fled from the battle, only to be found in a ditch. "The earl’s wife wanted to drown herself, when Simon of Odell saw to pulling her out: ‛My lady, come away from this place, and abandon your design! War is all a question of losing and winning."

So this is the power of female warriors? Woah.

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Silly campaigns where you can create unusually absurd situations, many of which have nothing to do with combat.

>Druidic/Wizard games where everyone has to get their companion/familiar through various obstacle courses while trying to subtly disrupt everyone else in ways that are superficially "neutral" (they must appear fair to a casual observer, but nothing stops you from preparing ahead of time. For example, giving a horse cleats on their shoes while casting grease somewhere on the course).

>A doddering wizard has locked himself out of his tower ... again. His colleagues with the help of a couple of adventurers need to bypass his security systems and break in so that he doesn't loose valuable research. Unfortunately the plans he provided to the party detailing his security system aren't quite up to date and he can't remember what the differences are.

>The party is hired to protect a lords daughter, an accomplished harpist, during the Kingdoms annual harvest festival and bardic convention. The party will have to deal with highly intoxicated bards drunkenly trying to scale the chateau walls, and may be called into town to break up drunken peasant revelries before things get out of control.

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Good riddance.

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CoS vs Orks?

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>milk goes sour
>son develops autism because beating him over the head with your whiskey bottle gave him brain damage
>goat drinks still water and gets anthrax or something

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Using literal mallets as weapons

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TLDR blueberry

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>Never making another female half-orc npc. I'm not going through half an hour of my players describing a 4-man mating press.
>Anon's DMPC got literally gangbanged by his players
Holy shit

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>L'elfo terrone

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>board mascot

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