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Using Fedora: The Tipping rules

Umaru Doma, the Shut-In Sister

Emotion: Narcissism
Channel: Japanophilia (if using Japanese Channel variant, Subculture-type, with her brother being the only available authority figure)
Mind: 3 (Dweeby/Wise)
Body: 1 (Skittering/Graceful)
Mouth: 5 (Pitiful/Attractive)
Skills: Go Fast x2
Sneak x1
Puppy Eyes x2
Book Smarts x2

Preferred powers:
Summon Japanese snack (Edge 1)
Ensure safe travel of Japanese product (As long as onii-san is carrying it) (Edge 2)
Hide power level (Edge 4)

Refused powers:
Gain con location (Edge 1)
Gain entry into con (Edge 2)
Attack Korean/Chinese person (Edge 5)

Roleplaying tips: use school hours to hunt for allies in your quest to change the world, and make use of every crocodile tear, lie, and power-level hiding device to impress everyone with your superior knowledge. Time at home is where you'll gain most of your edge points; your onii-san will cringe at everything, so this shouldn't be too hard. Here, only make use of your edge if it means, ultimately, gaining more edge; out of all the common fedora traits, the one that should manifest the most is lack of motivation.

Your rivals in this quest are the notorious Fedora Four of Japanimation: Konata Izumi (expert at blending in without hiding power level), Ken Kubo (most motivated fedora on record), Kanji Sasahara (a balanced, multifaceted fedora), and Tomoko Kuroki (expert at gaining edge). If you play your cards right, you may enlist the support of an American rage-driven fedora operating under the name "Mr. Touchdown"

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