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Ok, so I want to put some goblins in my game.

I want them to be kill on sight bad guy goblins, but it's hard to do that without hitting a wall of "I'M SAD." But I have some ideas.

First, I'm going to call them something other than goblins. I'm leaning towards "crundles" because it's a funny word. "Goblins" means "talking, intelligent, maybe has civillians somewhere, possibly sympathetic," and I don't want to get bogged down in that.

Second, I'm going to base them off of raccoons and orks. Make raccoons twice as big, and give them a non-magical version of orks' looting abilities, and they become something that people will kill on sight, no exceptions, even if they're not currently a direct threat.

The average crundle, on its own, will avoid humans in favor of eating their garbage and hiding. A group of ten crundles armed with rocks and sticks will gladly swarm a human, eat it, and then loot its belongings and non-edible bits for raw materials. A group of one hundred crundles that has done this several times can kill a small town (and, as a result, probably die of starvation).

My plan right now involves giving most sewer crundles rocks, and sharp bones to fight with, as well as rat, cat, and dog skin armor. A few of them will have bits of smashed furniture as clubs or bucklers, possibly with nails or scrap metal sticking out. The boss may have some kind of horse-carcass based equipment.

How can I make this more terrifying/hilarious?

Pic, bottom left dude, is probably the most related thing I have, which is terrible.

tl;dr: ITT suggest specific things that raccoon/ork hybrids could do in a low fantasy setting that will make players go "oh fuck"

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A female orc called Thuuggur who impressed the chief patriarch of one of the prominent tribes (his previous wife having died when the humans raided their peaceful little hamlet).

Brought knowledge of the written word to the orcs. Her five daughters (she bore no sons) were married off to the sons pf other chiefs and notable thanes as was proper.

Her grandchildren were all highly placed in orc society and all knew how to read and write and they rose to prominence for their skills at dealing with outsiders and bringing in new ideas that made their respective tribes stronger.

100 years from the point when Thuuggur retired the orcs are thought of as real people by the other peoples. 150 years from that date the entire orc species population pools their spare resources and buys enough land to call a nation.

Saint Thuuggur is revered throughout the nation of Sunnyland.

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So, I've been seeing this girl for a while now, and it seems like she's ready to "seal the deal," so to speak.

She's really nice, and beautiful as hell, but... Is there anything I should know about orc women before I proceed?

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Fap fic time!

Henry awoke with his vision in a haze, he groaned from his exhaustion, as if he'd awoken from coma. As his senses returned to him, the first thing he noticed was the chuckling of a feminine voice coming from behind him. He struggled to lift himself with his lethargic arms, though his hands wouldn't part, and his arms would lift him. Was he... bound?

"There, there, boy. Calm down, or your bindings will chafe..." A light hand pet Henry's blonde hair away from his face before lightly resting on his cheek. Henry struggled to turn around, rolling on his shoulders, eventually finding himself on his back. The room was dark, barely lit by a few scant candles, though it was more than enough light to see his captor.

Her skin was a musky green in pallor, though completely smoothed as silk. Her eyes were a reddish brown, reflective in the flames, her eyelashes a sleek black. Her head was bald, save for a tied ponytail of ebony silk. She had a kind face, her smile only marred by the two tusks peeking out of her lip from her bottom jaw. Her warm gaze entranced Henry for a moment; she was the most beautiful orc he'd ever seen! She must be a half orc, that must be it, he thought.

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