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Dex check.

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>High Dex.

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Hey, I play a rogue in a 3.5 game. My party is mostly magic users and, having been awed by their sheer power, my rogue has decided to begin using wands.

So now I've got some questions.

a) Can I use a wand that does damage and add my sneak attack bonus? Would it depend on the spell? The book doesn't specify one way or the other.

b) Feather Fall is an immediate action to cast but the wand might gunk this up. Can I (for example) jump off of a cliff and cast featherfall on myself about 60 ft above ground?

These are my questions so far, does anyone have answers?

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So... the Vowel Liches are the most powerful? Namely A and E ?

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I don't think there's ANY quest hook as awesome as Ron Yue the Turtle Knight.

Pic related: it's something not even half as awesome as Ron Yue the Turtle Knight.

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natural 20 balance check.

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Nat 20 Balance

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What's the name of that 4e undead race?

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